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6 spots to visit on your next getaway to Menorca

Sometimes you find beauty where you least expect it. This happens in Menorca, an island that draws people due to its famous beaches and aquamarine coves, but surprises and captivates them with its little towns sporting cobblestone streets and small white houses, as well as its idyllic sunsets in the shadow of a lighthouse.

This is Menorca, an island that has numerous small treasures within. In order to enjoy each place and each moment, you need to travel at a leisurely pace. Because of its size (barely 48 kilometers from one tip to the other), it is very easy to move around and get to know the island thoroughly.

After enjoying the sun and the island’s wonderful beaches, head inland and relish everything the island has in store for you. Keep reading and discover the 6 prettiest secret spots in Menorca.

Xoroi Cave

Cueva d’en Xoroi is a formation of rocks that juts out like a balcony over the sea. Although people say that a castaway once lived here for many years, today it has been converted into a bar during the day and a dance club at night. The views, especially at sunset, are worthwhile.

If you are lucky, you might get a table with a view and enjoy a pomada, a typical Menorcan drink that mixes gin with lemonade.

spots in Menorca, Xoroi Cave


Its very name gives off an allure, but its streets and harbor are pure magic. This small city was erected over an extended cove where both boats and bars have gathered. The narrow alleys lead inland where an impressive Gothic-style Cathedral is hidden. La Ciutadella is a must-see.

spots in Menorca, Ciutadella

Favàritx lighthouse

What is it about lighthouses that makes them so magical? The Favàritx lighthouse is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Menorca because it gives off a special charm. If you visit, don’t forget your camera in order to capture this image forever: the lighthouse with the Mediterranean Sea in the background.

Moreover, to reach it you’ll have another surprise along the way, since the path will take you through the Parque Natural de s’Albufera des Grau, a wonderful green expanse where flora and fauna abound.

spots in Menorca, Favàritx lighthouse

Monte Toro

As well as being the highest point on the island (at 358 meters above sea level), this peak is located in the geographic center of the island. Upon climbing it you’ll find the best panoramic views of Menorca. On clear days, you can see how the entire coast around you.

spots in Menorca, Monte Toro


No island would be complete without a little fishing town. Binibeca, south of the capital, is one of the most beautiful. All of the houses are completely white, in the purest Mediterranean style, in order to keep the inside cool. Losing oneself in its streets is essential.

spots in Menorca, Binibeca

Naveta des Tudons

Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs…Many peoples and civilizations docked in Menorca in ancient times. Nevertheless, before any of them, the prevailing culture was the Tayalotic. La Naveta des Tudons is proof of this: a funeral monument more than 3.000 years old.

If you want to delve into the past of the island, there are a great many ruins from the time of the Talayotics. In fact, Menorca occupies a surface area of 700 square kilometers and boasts more than 1.574 sites; this means that there are 2 monuments for every square kilometer.  Of all of these, 32 are candidates to be names as a Unesco World Heritage Site.

spots in Menorca, Naveta des Tudons

These magical spots are mandatory stops for any getaway to Menorca, an island filled with beauty.


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