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5 best tapas restaurants in Majorca

When you think of Majorca – beach resorts and sheltered coves might spring to mind, but what you may not know is that it’s also become a thriving foodie destination. Palma de Mallorca – the island’s lively capital – boasts an impressive array of restaurants with a variety of modern and traditional dishes. Tapas is central to Palma’s foodie culture and it’s a great way to cheaply try new dishes.

Here are some of the best tapas restaurants in Palma de Mallorca:

Casa Gallega Restaurant

Casa Gallega is a charming and relaxed restaurant with a casual and colourful atmosphere. Even though it’s relatively new, it’s already a firm favourite among the locals (which means you have to book a table in advance). Casa Gallega serves authentic Galician dishes and are popular for their seafood tapas, such as grilled razor fish, Galician octopus, and Galician-style oysters. They also have a lovely selection of pinchos, small skewered bites of fresh bread with a variety of toppings. If you’d prefer to order something from a menu, the restaurant offers a three-course set menu that includes a bottle of wine, for only 26€ per person sharing.

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The Tapas Club

If you want to be near the beach and enjoy tasty Tapas, then The Tapas Club is always a good choice. This charming restaurant is set in Portixol, a former fishing village that was ‘rejuvenated’ for tourists and locals. The Tapas Club is known to have the best ‘patata bravas’ in all of Palma –  (their Russian salad, garlic prawns, and chorizo are also pretty popular). This is a great place for enjoying a nice cocktail and a few tapas while watching the sunset on their terrace, which offers some of the most amazing views in Portixol.

La Boveda

Situated near the old harbour in Palma, La Boveda is one of the trendiest restaurants in Palma de Mallorca. Classic Spanish tapas such as chorizo, gazpacho, pa amb oli, and Iberico ham are served in a cosy and vibey setting. The restaurant is lined with sturdy shelves packed with a variety of wines, adding to a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. They also have live music on some nights, so you can be seduced by the sounds of the Spanish guitar while you enjoy your meal. This restaurant is popular with both tourists and locals, which means it gets pretty busy – so make sure to book a table in advance.

Forn de Sant Joan

Family-run Forn de Sant Joan is undoubtedly one of the most popular restaurants in Palma de Mallorca. They take traditional tapas and add an exciting twist – oysters with passion fruit caipirinha, sardines with black pudding, and dried squid with Japanese mayo. You can see their full menu here. Forn de Sant Joan is known for their creative Mediterranean cuisine, excellent service, and amiable atmosphere. The interior is stylish, with a blend of original Mallorcan architectural features and some striking modern art.

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Sa Casa

Sa Casa is the perfect blend of modern and traditional. This cosy restaurant, set in vibey La Lonja, serves traditional Spanish and Mediterranean dishes, in a slick and intimate setting. Their tasty tapas include Patatas Bravas, dates with bacon and goat cheese, garlic prawns and an Iberian board. Their food is presented beautifully – and kids seem to love it too. Other than their tapas, their paella is said to be the best in the whole of Palma. Everything is made fresh, so you might have to wait 20-25 minutes – but it’s well worth it!

Image Credit: The Forkforndesantjoan.com


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