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What is active tourism and which are the best places in Spain to practice it

In recent years tourism in Spain has experienced a great evolution offering different alternatives to traditional sun and beach holidays. One of them is active tourism whose main objective is to carry out activities in natural environments that require a certain level of physical effort.

Therefore, what is active tourism or how is it defined? According to the General Secretariat of Tourism (2004) active tourism is: “one that has as main motivations the realization of recreational and leisure activities, the interpretation and / or knowledge of nature, with different degree of depth and the practice of sport activities of different physical intensity and risk who expressly use the local resources in a specific way, without degrading or exhausting them “.

The main advantage of this type of travel is that it offers the opportunity to discover a place in a different way while practicing an activity. The tourist stops being a mere observer to be part of the environment and mixes in it through sports.

Active tourism goes from the participation in a sporting event, to travelling with your mountain bike in a mountain range, to discovering some marine bottoms doing snorkel or to go into in hidden caves and practice caving. In all of them, the environment and nature are protagonists.

Mallorca y Menorca

Mallorca and Menorca are one of the best active tourism destinations in Spain. The islands offer a wide range of possibilities for sports enthusiasts by land, sea or even air.

In Mallorca, adventure sports such as canyoning and speleology stand out; as well as cycling, which attracts hundreds of fans every year who pedal through the Sierra de la Tramuntana.

The Balearic archipelago is also the favorite destination for water sports enthusiasts: diving, snorkeling, surfing, sailing … Being surrounded by water, obviously, is a great advantage.

What is active tourism, Mallorca-Menorca


Asturias is one of the favorite active tourism destinations, a perfect natural paradise for outdoor activities. Mountainous places and beautiful coasts that are a claim for the most adventurous tourists plague its territory. You can not miss the descent of the Sella in a kayak, surfing in Salinas, walking along one of the many hiking trails in the area or pedaling up to the famous Asturian mountain passes.

What is active tourism, Asturias


With a wonderful mountain massif in the background, Lerida stands out for its range of activities. You should not miss out on its hiking and mountain bike trails and, of course, its famous rafting descents. At the same time, you will enjoy an unparalleled landscape.

What is active tourism, Lleida


Cantabria is flanked by the Picos de Europa mountain range in one side and the Cantabrian Sea on the other, two guarantees of landscape and adventure. It’s the perfect mix of sea, mountain, wonderful views and a great historical and cultural heritage. You won’t be able to stop surfing, hiking and climbing.

What is active tourism, Cantabria


The island of Lanzarote will give you a mild climate throughout the year and the possibility of practicing a wide range of activities: surfing, hiking, kayaking, diving … In addition, you can enjoy its volcanic landscapes, endless beaches and tasty cuisine.

What is active tourism, Lanzarote

If you are an restless and you like to practice any sport outdoors, choose one of these active tourism destinations to enjoy your holidays. You will discover a new way of recharging your batteries that has nothing to do with lying in a hammock on the beach


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