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15 tricks to find the perfect hotel

Are you thinking about taking some time off and organizing a lovely trip somewhere you have never been before? If so you will see that there will be many things that you have to take in consideration when doing so. Surely what you want is to organize the perfect trip: somewhere amazing and for a good price. The secret is to be strategic and think about each and every detail carefully. Here we give you 15 tricks for you to choose the perfect hotel. We can assure you that by following these tips you will find the perfect accommodation and save some extra money.

1. Calculate your budget

We know already that you would love to stay in a 5-star hotel, with Jacuzzi and breathtaking views of the Eiffel Tower. The question is, can you afford it? Make sure to calculate well your budget. Or just look at your bank account.

Eiffel Tower, tricks to find the perfect hotel

2. Travel during low season

It could happen that you have no choice but to organize your trip during August, Easter or Christmas holidays. Of course during this time your journey becomes more expensive. If you have the power to choose, then don’t travel during this time. The difference between traveling in September instead of August can be seen from your wallet. Think about it!

Christmas holidays, tricks to find the perfect hotel

3. Don’t forget it is your trip

What are you looking for in this trip? Are you seeking to relax by yourself, is it going to be a trip with your colleagues or are you just looking for a quick weekend getaway? Depending on what you are looking for choose wisely the type of accommodation you will be staying in.

4. What type of accommodation do you prefer?

This point goes hand in hand with the previous one. It is not like before where hotels were the only option; now you can choose between hostels, apartments, B & B and cottages. Choose which one suits you the most.

cottages, tricks to find the perfect hotel

5. Bear in mind what accommodations can offer

Are you looking for a hotel where you can rent bikes, a cosy spa or heated pool or an accommodation suitable for children? Compare each hotel in the area and find the one that completes the requirements you are looking for.

heated pool, tricks to find the perfect hotel

6. Meals during the trip

Are you organizing a trip with friends or a simple weekend gateway? Do you really need a full accommodation? Maybe you are just looking for a “spiritual” retreat in which you just want to leave your room to eat in the hotel’s dining room. Think about it and decide what suits you best.

tricks to find the perfect hotel

7. Cheap can sometimes be expensive

Never trust bargains. Always carefully check what is included in your room price. Does it make sense to pay for a accommodation that does not provide WI-FI, breakfast or airport transfer? Most likely some of these services are key to you.

breakfast, tricks to find the perfect hotel

8. Always book in advance and with the refund option

With this option your room could cost 5%-10% more, but in the long run you will notice the difference. Surely you will have more flexibility with the dates. Also, if you end up finding something cheaper you have the option to cancel the previous reservation and book the cheapest one. Some hotels offer you the option to cancel your reservation on the same day of your arrival. Despite this, don’t forget to carefully read about cancellation policies!

9. Find out the cost of public transports

Look up on the internet for forums or ask around what is the price for public transports. If the price is high, maybe your best decisions is to stay in the city centre area. If the bus/metro tickets are cheap then you expand your visit in more rural areas and reach them by public transports.

public transports, tricks to find the perfect hotel

10. Spend more than one night in the same area

You’ll probably think: “Why should I spend more nights in the same place?”. It’s simple. Many hotels offer “third/fourth free night” promotions. If your plan was to move around, then think carefully.

11. Check if there are any important events in the area during your stay

Concerts, or events such as St. Patrick in Dublin or the Oktoberfest in Munich are situations that can drastically increase the price of your accommodation. We recommend you to check the area you would like to visit if there are any events occurring so you can plan well your stay.

concerts, tricks to find the perfect hotel

12. Forget about Friday Night

Could be that this piece of advice is not for everyone, but still we believe it could be a game changer. Usually Friday nights are the most expensive nights of the week. People usually take advantage of weekends and just pull up the prices. Try to start your trip in the early hours of Saturday. You can always leave your bags at the reception desk and check in later after you visited the city.

13. Ratings and opinions are important

This is key when you are organizing your trip. Always look at the opinions that former guests gave to hotels. Price is not everything. Their opinion can be your guide to decide your perfect accommodation. But be careful! Don’t become obsessed by them.

14. Search for promotional codes on the internet

Many hotels offer some space on their reservation page where you can include a promotional code which can help you to save some money. Where can you find these codes? You will have to look for them online. We recommend you to download the app Honey.

promotional codes, tricks to find the perfect hotel

15. Sign up for newsletters

Do you want to be the first one to know about any discounts? The best way to stay informed with this is by subscribing to newsletters. If a hotel launches new promotions and offers, the newsletter will always inform you about them.

We can assure you that if you try to follow these tips to find your ideal accommodation, not only you will succeed, but you will also manage to save some money. Go ahead and organize your trip!

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