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Eating in Mallorca, with the traditional Arròs Brut

Rice is one of the star dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine.This cereal – the second most produced one in the world, after corn – is the basis of some of the recipes that have made the Mediterranean diet one of the most healthy and appreciated ones in the world. That is why the traditional Arròs brut is one of the typical Mallorcan dishes. Would you like to know more about this dish originally from the countryside and with intense flavor?

The literal translation of arròs brut is “dirty rice”, and this name is due to the color of its broth, turbid and brownish, which comes from the spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, paprika, saffron …), as well as the chopped liver that is added at the end of cooking. This recipe arose in the field when the farmers threw into the stoves what had been hunted and collected during the day. That’s why the ingredients are not always the same, and the meats and vegetables that are added can vary according to the season.

How do we make the Arrós Brut?

To make a good arròs brut in the purest Mallorcan style we need the following ingredients: 



rabbit or pigeon





green peas


We can also prepare arròs brut using beans or green asparagus.

To prepare the flock we will need:








the liver of the pigeon or rabbit

olive oil.

Combining these ingredients wisely and providing the essential touch of love, we will obtain one of the most delicious, powerful and tasty rice dishes in the world. To acquire the raw materials with which to prepare the best arròs brut in Mallorca, there’s nothing better than visiting one of the traditional Gastronomic Markets of Palma.

 Let’s get started with the preparation of the dish, by following these steps:  

1. We will start by chopping the meat and browning it in a casserole dish together with some slices of sobrasada.  Meanwhile, we will chop the onion and the tomatoes that we will incorporate into the golden meat.

2. We will add 750ml of water and cook the ingredients for half an hour.

3. While in a mortar we will prepare the flock with all the above mentioned species plus the liver.

4. And finally add the rice (about 125gr per person), the flock, mushrooms and peas or any other seasonal vegetables.

5. We add a little salt and to cook for another 20 minutes, until the rice is slightly briny.

Arrós brut de Mallorca is a typical rice from the countryside to which occasionally, snails are added during the snail season. Originally it was made with hunting meat (hare or pigeon), with its blood and its innards included. Two of the most appreciated variants are the arròs brut made with “esclata-sangs” – a type of mushroom -and the arròs brut de “Matanzas” (pork meat). Given the heaviness of this dish, it is more advisable to try this recipe in the coldest months of the year.

What are the best restaurants to eat Arrós Brut?

If you want to succeed with the best dish of arròs brut, better ask for it at any of these restaurants:

In Palma de Mallorca

Mesón Ca’n Pedro

C / Rector Vives, 14 (971 702 162)

The price of a good plate of arròs brut barely exceeds € 7 in this place run by Pedro and Ana, two Extremadureans who are famous throughout the whole city. And if you are brave at the table and you need to complement your command with some more food, you should know that in this restaurant in Génova they are specialists in grilled meats.

Las Tres Palas

Camí Ca na Gabriela, s / n, s’Arenal.  (971 491 705)

In Las Tres Palas they serve a delicious arròs brut made of pigeon, cauliflower, artichoke, rabbit and rib eye, but it is not on the menu since it has to be requested as a dish of the day. If at the end of the meal you still have room for dessert do not hesitate to ask for Baileys pannacotta.

Celler Sa Premsa

Plaça del Bisbe Berenguer de Palou, 8 (971 723 529)

The arròs brut is one of the specialties of this house founded 60 years ago whose main room is decorated with wine vats.

Outside the capital

Ca’l Dimoni Restaurant

Carretera Vieja de Manacor, Exit 21. Algaida (971 665 035)

The rustic decoration of Ca’l Dimoni already tells us that in this place they love traditional cuisine, and so much is their fame that to taste this rice -dish as the tradition mandates you will get it served in a clay pot and for a price of less than 8 € the ration – you will have to book in advance.

Can Tronca

C / Palma, 1. Sant Joan (686 561 503)

In the center of Sant Joan and in a place open since 1970, you can taste this delicious Mallorcan dish.  They are typical menus – prepared in a traditional way, first-rate ingredients and a lot of love – in which they include the arròs brut.

Es Verger

Camino del Castillo de Alaró, s / n (971 182 126)

Also known as ”the lamb restaurant”, it is located in the middle of the path of the excursion to the Castell d’Alaró. They use a huge wood oven to cook the rice, always served in a clay pot, which guarantees a delicious final result.  The price is around €10.

Other restaurants where you can try the arròs brut are: Ca’n Antoni (in Montuiri), Es Cruce (in Vilafranca de Bonany), Sa Teulera (in Sóller) or the Celler Sa Vinya (in Binissalem). You will come out licking your fingers if you try it!

And after we’ve opened your mouth with this post, do you dare to surprise your next guests at home with one of the most typical dishes of Mallorcan cuisine? Surely you will have a huge success and remember your last vacations on the island!


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