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Do you follow these tips for your travel photos?

Photographs are some of the best memories we´ll have of any trip. The images capture unique moments and help us to relive that magic second for a long time afterwards. To get the best snapshots, it is useful to learn certain photography tips.

The most important part is to be excited and to try and practice a little before leaving on a trip. It’s not necessary to be a professional nor having the best machine on the market to go home with a few nice postcards.

You should start by taking into account these photography tips:

  • Keep an eye on framing: experts recommend that each photograph should have a single center of interest.
  • Use the rule of thirds: it consists of dividing the image into nine equal parts by lines and place the subject of importance in one of them.
  •  Understand the basic principles of light: monitor the backlight, use the flash when necessary … Light is the most important thing in photography.
  •  Always try different points of view and locations.

In addition to these basic tricks, you will have to adapt to the environment you find yourself in. It’s not the same to photograph a mountain landscape where everything is calm, a chaotic city with many elements in motion.

Discover these tips for travel photos according to different destinations:


  • Light is everything and, of course, it conditions your photos. If you want to highlight the bright blue of the water, take advantage of the central hours of the day. However, if you want a softer effect then take out the camera during sunrise or sunset.
  • Take into account the horizon line. For this type of photos it is recommended to divide the image into three equal parts and keep the horizon on the lower line.
  •  Add depth by blurring the background. An easy way to try this is by focusing an object near to the camera or phone. You´ll notice that, the closer you get, the more highlighted this effect will be. It’s really simple using automatic mode.

tips for your travel photos, sunset


  • Español Try to include people in the pic. The protagonist will be the mountain but including people will help create a scale and show the real size of the peaks in the background. It is one of the most important tips for travel photos.
  • Use lakes and rivers to create reflections. Use the water as a mirror to reflect the surrounding landscape, creating unique symmetries.

 tips for your travel photos


  • Be careful with exposure and contrast. Snow reflects light with great intensity and if you take pictures in automatic mode it may appear gray. Switch to manual mode and try to underexpose the image in case it’s too white or overexpose it if it’s too dark.  Keep in mind that some cameras include a “Snow mode”.
  • Take special care of the composition. In the city there are usually many elements and these can distract you from highlighting that monument or important person you want to focus in.
  • Use moving elements as cars, bikes, buses or people around the city to give dynamism to the streets and avoid the “static” effect. It is a widely used resource in urban photography.

tips for your travel photos, snow mode


  • Take special care of the composition. In the city there are usually many elements and these can mess your photo.
  • Use blurring to focus attention on the element that interests you. It’s a widely used trick in urban photography.

tips for your travel photos


  • Always use a tripod to avoid your photos from moving.
  • Use the manual mode of your camera or mobile to get that effect of “moving stars”. Set the ISO to 100 or 200 at maximum.

tips for your travel photos, night

Take note of these tips for travel photos and start practicing with your camera. Over time, you will surely notice a quality leap in your images and you will have even better memories of your adventures around the world.

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