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Tips to go to the beach with kids

Summer is a time to enjoy the sun, the beach, the sea… and your children. Yes, your children. Even though holidays and kids might sound like a worst cocktail than the Molotov one, if you plan properly you might actually end up having some of the best holidays you’ve ever had.

Becoming a parent doesn’t necessarily mean to give up being tanned, walking by the shore or swimming in the sea. If these are the things you enjoy doing, your goal must be to find the way to enjoy your hobbies with the company of your kids.

Probably, the first thought that will come to your mind thinking about this is that iconic image of sweaty dads dragging their baby strollers through the sand, loaded with countless bags and 100 kilograms on their backs. Or maybe those moms who can’t spend the day sunbathing like they’d use to back in the day, but instead have to chase their kids making sure they don’t drown in 50 centimeters of water.

And yes, this is all true. But it doesn’t have to happen to you. In fact, many moms have found the perfect formula to enjoy a day accompanied by their kids. Want to know their tricks? Keep reading!

Being a mom is an adventure – Her basics:

Three kids and six years of experience have given this blogger the necessarily knowledge to survive a day in the beach with kids. Her tricks are:

Take an inflatable pool with you.

“If you have babies, they will be able to swim without any risk under the parasol and by your side. If your kids count their age by years and not by months, the pool will offer them the possibility to play with sand and water without needing to go to the shore, with the risk that would imply.” 

Some plastic bottles might just save your day.

Take them empty and fill them in any fountain you can find near the beach. Water will be useful if your kids get sand in their eyes or if you need to clean their hands before lunch or packing. “Some water from the bottles you’ve previously filled will solve any problem”, claims this blogger.

Towels: the lesser the better.

It’s unlikely that you can stay under the sun for more than 15 straight minutes, so it’s pointless to carry many towels. Pack a bag with a mat and two towels maximum, which you should just take out to dry the kids after they’ve taken a swim. Travel light!

Leave the stroller home, “an absurd item when you’re in the sand”.

Choose a baby carrier instead or, if the kid is older, you can just place him on a mat under the parasol.

I’m not a drama momma – Her secret: forget the diaper and relax!

This mother doesn’t make a drama every time she plans an escape to the beach with her three children. On the opposite, Carmen makes the best out of the day of sand, sea and kids.

Her experience has served her to understand one basic rule: it’s better to leave your baby diaper-less. “We’ve learnt that, when they crawl, the diaper gets full of sand and that irritates their bottom… so it’s better to run the risk of an “accident” and just cleaning if it happens. The diaper is only for arrival, naptime and departure. The rest of the time, it’s free time”, she explains.

Babies and more – Her mantra: let them explore

One of the main issues parents sometimes have to face is that their kids don’t like sand or water. The best solution, according to this mom, is to let them experiment these new elements by themselves.

And patience is key, she explains. “Not in the mouth!” is the most common phrase you can hear in the beach when kids are playing with sand. In any case, they usually don’t repeat the same meal twice, so maybe it’s not such a bad idea to let them try. And the same happens with seaweeds! It’s the best way they can lose fear to what is still unknown to them”.

With these tricks you’ll be ready to face your sunny holidays with your children. With them, you’ll be able to go back to your childhood jumping over the waves and building sandcastles. The beach will now be a place of games and fun where you’ll enjoy watching your kids discover a new paradise for them.

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