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6 tips to find cheap flights to Menorca and Majorca

You could say that finding cheap flights is more an art than a science, since there’s not an infallible rule that you can use that guarantees you´ll find a bargain. Nevertheless, it isn’t impossible, and the proof is that we all know that one friend who has flown for 10€ round trip to a super cool destination.

In the case of Majorca and Menorca, it’s even easier. A large number of airlines fly to the Balearic Islands, including low cost ones, which increases your chances of finding a good offer.

If you want to fly to the islands without spending a month’s salary on it, follow our tips to find the best prices:

1. Use flight search engines.

They’re perfect for the first search and to compare the prices the different companies are offering for your trip. These websites can also show you flight combinations that can be interesting for getting a good price.

The most popular are Skyscanner; Momondo, JetRadar and Google Flights. None of them is 100% perfect, that´s why we suggest you use more than one in order to make sure you don’t miss any offer.

2. Assume it: early booking is not everything.

Finding a cheap flight doesn’t necessarily imply booking it months in advance. The best idea is to periodically check the airlines´ prices. You never know when an offer might come up!

In fact, it’s common for companies to lower the prices of some tickets for regular flights in order to fill the plane. In any case, this doesn’t mean that you should wait until the last minute or directly show up in the airport to see what’s available… Not a good idea for your budget!

3. Be flexible

This is actually the best advice we can give you. It’s much easier to find bargains in “less common” combinations: flying early in the morning, returning on a Saturday night… Those tickets are harder to sell for the airlines and they usually end up reducing the price.

4. Be an airline follower

No one likes receiving spam in their inbox, but subscribing to an airline´s newsletter means that you’ll be the first to know about many offers. Actually, many times companies create promotions only their followers can benefit from.

5. Travel in low season

If you can and don’t mind to, try scheduling your holidays for low season. Not only you’ll save money in lodging and find your destination less crowded, but you’ll also find cheaper flights. Majorca and Menorca are usually more crowded during July and August, keep that in mind.

6. Keep your searches hidden

With this we don´t mean that you shouldn’t tell your partner or friends about your next trip… We actually suggest that you should use the “incognito mode” when browsing. Why? Well, this will avoid the price of your flight going up every time you check it again. In case you didn’t know, thanks to the cookies, websites can know if you have visited a page more than once. They use this information to progressively increase the price of the flights a bit more every time you check them, in order to create a sense of urgency in the consumer (in this case, you).

We invite you to try yourself. When browsing the “normal” way, if you look for the same flights for several times, you’ll see how its price goes up. Chrome, Safari, Mozilla… barely every browser offers already a private mode which allows you to dodge cookies.

Using these six simple tips will increase your chances of finding a bargain to travel to the Balearic Islands. Patience and, specially, good luck!

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