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10 tips to follow if your luggage is lost during your plane trip

Who hasn’t, at least once, felt that fear to see how the baggage belt turns and turns and your suitcase does not show up? You wait until the end and when there is no case left you start assuming the harsh reality: it´s lost. If you ever have the bad luck to go through this process, it´ll be easier if you’re prepared and know what are the right steps to take in order to try to recover it.

Although every day the number of suitcases that are lost at the airport is fewer, no one is safe from losing his luggage at one point or another, at least for the time being. The good news is that it is estimated that 90% of the lost packages are back with their owner in just a few hours.

You should also know that passengers who are connecting flights are more likely to lose their suitcases, as they go through many hands since it is delivered at the check-in counter until it reaches its final destination.

If it is impossible for you to travel with hand luggage and you have to check in, don’t miss this Decalogue with the steps to take in the case of losing your suitcase on the way.

1. Stay calm and take a deep breath

Stay calm and take a deep breath when you notice that your luggage is not on the treadmill. Remember that, in almost all cases, it ends up appearing.

2. First of all, go to the information stand

Or the window of your company with your ID or passport and fill in the Baggage Irregularity Part (PIR). It is absolutely necessary to ask for it and fill it before leaving the airport in order to record what happened and be able to claim the suitcase from the company.

lose the suitcase

3. Submit a written claim

OCU also recommends submitting a written claim to the airline’s customer service department.

4. Claim to all the flight companies involved in your fight

If you have flown with several companies you can claim to any of them, as they all share responsibility.

5. Take into account the deadlines

There are specific terms in each case:

  • Damage to luggage: you have 7 days from the receipt of luggage.
  • Baggage delay: up to 21 days from the date you should have received the luggage.
  • Loss of luggage: there is no established limit but it is recommended to make the claim as soon as possible, after the 21 days during which the suitcase has been “delayed”, or after the airline has confirmed that the luggage is lost.
  • Theft of luggage: if you realize that some item of your luggage has been stolen, go as soon as possible to report it to a police station.

6. Claim a compensation

If it is confirmed that your luggage has been permanently lost, claim compensation from the company. The maximum per suitcase is around 1,300€.

7. Check the coverage of your policy

On the other hand, check the coverage of your policy as this may be higher than the compensation offered by the flight operating company.

8. Ask for the “Overnight kit”

If you have just started your holidays and arrived at your destination without luggage, remember that you have the right to request the so-called “overnight kit” with basic personal hygiene products. The companies, in addition, must compensate their passengers for any delay either with a check for daily expenses or by refunding the receipts.

9. Keep the original documentation of the trip:

Ticket, luggage billing labels and boarding passes. As well as possible bills of first necessity expenses directly related to the incidence. You will need it during the claim to the company!

10. If the airline does not answer, insist.

The normal thing is that they do not make it easy for you.

Follow these 10 tips in case your luggage gets lost during one of your trips, to make sure you’re taking the correct steps to recover your suitcase! But above all, do not let this incident spoil your vacation!


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