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10 tips for your first time diving

For divers, the world is twice as big than for regular people. The sea is so big, it offers so much to explore and it’s so different from anything else you’ve seen before… There is a totally different universe underwater, where hundreds of species live and unique landscapes are formed. Diving for the first time is similar to discovering a new continent or stepping on the Moon.

Diving is a wonderful sport as it allows you to become part of the ocean as if you were just another fish swimming in the water. Nevertheless, mastering it requires practice and knowledge as it is not an easy activity and implies some serious risks.

That´s why it’s essential to take a basic course in order to learn how to properly breathe, float, control the pressure… The logical and recommended process is to start in a swimming pool and then, when you feel comfortable, move to the sea. Step by step, and always with your instructor by your side, you will learn to dive and feel like an underwater native.

In order for you to be prepared for that first time in open water, we have gathered some useful tips. But remember: the most important thing is to always follow the directions of your instructor.

1. Choose a good day to train

The weather conditions can affect your day of diving. Waves can make it difficult to reach the point of immersion and also create underwater currents. If thing don’t look good, don’t insist and try another day.

2. Don´t leave any questions unanswered

Do not go underwater if you still have doubts. Remember that down there you won’t be able to communicate and it is very important that you understand what you should do at any time, the protocols, etc. The information is tranquility and security for all, so ask everything on your mind to your instructor.

3. Breathe

Remember that you have a bottle of oxygen in your back, so breathe normally. At times, nerves or instinct might make you keep from holding your breath while you dive, but relax and inspire and expire slowly as if you were on the surface.

4. Follow your instinct

The human being is wise and can perceive, instinctively, when something is not going as planned. Analyze the situation and, in case of doubt, contact your instructor.

5. Don’t touch anything

Despite what you see in documentaries, the basic rule in the sea is to look but not to not touch. Even if you feel like it. There are fish, seaweed… that you do not know and that may not be as harmless as you think. Be cautious.

6. Rise cautiously

Do not be in a hurry to return to the surface after the dive; you can hurt your lungs if you experience a sudden pressure change. An useful tip: rise slower than the column of bubbles that is emitted with each exhalation of air.

7. Do not move too much

Water is around 800 times denser than air, so any movement will suppose much more effort. Try not moving too much in order to not get tired fast and to save some air.

8. Be a good partner

Under the water you only have one another, so try to always be a good diving partner. Be sure to know your limitations and your partner´s: diving level, health status, communication underwater, equipment status…

9. Get ready physically and mentally

Physical fitness and attitude are keys to safe diving. It is important that you maintain a positive attitude and that you control your nerves in order to face any problem that may arise.

10.  Check the equipment

It’s essential that you check your team and your partner’s before each dive. Two pairs of eyes see more than one. Also, check that the neoprene and glasses adapt properly to your body.

Following these tips and, specially, the ones your instructor gives you, you’ll be prepared to for your first dive in the open sea. Live the experience to the fullest and save all those images in your mind because you’ll never experience them again.

The famous Captain Nemo already said it: “The sea is everything. It covers seven-tenths of the terrestrial globe. Its breath is pure and healthy. It is an immense desert where man is never alone, for he feels life quivering around him on every side. The sea is only the medium of a preternatural and wonderful existence.”

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