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The 10 best destinations to travel during autumn

When the temperatures drop and the leaves of the trees begin to fall, it is time to pack. Autumn is a wonderful time to travel or making small getaways: destinations are calmer, the landscape is dyed with new colors and the weather is still nice enough to spend time outdoors.

If you have chosen this time of year to travel, pay attention to this selection of the best places to travel during fall.

Brussels, Belgium

During autumn, the five main museums of the city are open until midnight; the annual design fair, Brussels Design September; is held and the Belgian Beer Weekend takes place on the first weekend of October. You will not lack interesting plans!

Forest of Muniellos, Asturias

It’s the largest oak grove in Spain and one of the best preserved in the whole country. In autumn the colors gain intensity and oaks over 6 meters in diameter draw one of the best autumn landscapes in Spain. To access it is necessary to ask for a special permit, as it is highly protected.

best destinations to travel during autumn, Forest of Muniellos, Asturias

The Douro Valley, Porto

Contemplating the vineyards dyed ocher and brown is fascinating. Choose travelling during autumn to this region of Portugal, and tour this unique landscape that has been recognized as a World Heritage by Unesco.

Balearic Islands

The Mediterranean is always a good idea, regardless of the time of year. In autumn any of the islands will welcome you with a calm, relaxed atmosphere and a pleasant climate for walks along the seashore.

Fageda d’en Jordà, La Garrotxa (Catalonia)

One of the best beech woods in Spain, ideal to get lost during fall. It is a unique forest in Spain, since its type of vegetation does not usually grow at that altitude. There are several routes with marked trails to walk and explore the area.

best destinations to travel during autumn, Fageda d'en Jordà, La Garrotxa (Catalonia)

Hoces del Duratón, Segovia

One of the most recommended destinations for autumn travel is the Natural Park of the Hoces del Río Duratón, an area with immense environmental value. There you can go hiking, horseback riding or canoeing.

best destinations to travel during autumn, Hoces del Duratón, Segovia

Munich, Germany

Beer lovers find Munich a paradise with the celebration of the famous Oktoberfest, a fun party where you can taste different types of beer.

Seville, Andalusia

Autumn is the perfect time to explore Seville without suffering the summer heat. The Giralda, the Torre del Oro, the Reales Alcázares, the Plaza de España … Seville shines at its best during fall.

Provence, France

In Autumn, this region on south-east France moves around the harvest of oil, grapes and saffron. The fields are full of activity as the wineries of life, the mills turn their blades at full speed… Without a doubt, one of the best destinations to travel in fall.

Aragonese Pyrenees, Aragon

Before the cold and snow arrive, you have to visit the Aragonese Pyrenees. This area stands out for the rock art and beauty of Monte Perdido, the highest calcareous massif in Europe.

Choose one of these 10 destinations to travel during fall and take advantage of one of the most beautiful times of the year to discover new places.


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