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10 perfect Spotify playlists to run to in Mallorca

Sport and music are a simple but successful combination. Practicing any type of exercise accompanied by good songs will give you an energy boost to keep going and automatically draw a smile on your face. We suggest that you immediately put your headphones on, grab your sneakers, and start running around Mallorca.

Can you think of a better plan to enjoy the island? Mallorca is one of the favorite places for sport lovers, specially runners. The island is full of paths and perfect spaces for running. If you want something quieter, choose the coast; If you like the roads with slopes, go to the Sierra de la Tramuntana.

You will love running around Mallorca! Here you will find some of the best circuits, well-adapted roads and an unparalleled atmosphere.

To encourage you and make your jog even more fun, we have selected the perfect playlists to listen while running in Mallorca.

Running through the city

Daily lift

The exact dose of rhythm to make your run around the city more enjoyable. Let the music guide your steps.

Just Smile

Music, the road, the city … who can avoid smiling with such a plan? The songs on this list will help you not to change that happy expression on your face for a second. Just smile and run!

Running by the sea

Reggae Classics

The sun, the wind and the sea sometimes ask for some reggae while you enjoy a nice jog ride around Mallorca. Bob Marley and many others will guide you along the way with this list.

Verano Forever

Running by the sea gives you that summer feeling. Choose the right soundtrack and you´ll feel as if you were in the middle of August.

Running on secondary roads

Dance Máximo

Increase the rhythm with a bit of dance music while you run through Mallorca and get to know all its county roads. Motivation to the fullest!

Rock your body

Challenge yourself on your next road trip and fill yourself with energy to jog with this playlist. With this accompaniment you will surpass all your previous records.

Running on the mountains

Don’t stop me now

When you are enjoying the mountains and feeling the ground below your feet, there’s only one thing in your mind: no one can stop you! This playlist will give you the gas you need to keep running up and down.

Run Wild

Imagine Dragons, Mumford & Sons, American Authors … this list alternates paused and other more animated rhythms to make your run in the mountains more fun. Run wild!

Running on the way back home

Cool Down

Time to relax: we’re returning home! Reduce the pace with this perfect playlist to tour Mallorca when we are on the way back. You’ll feel –and appreciate- how your mind and muscles relax.

Keep Calm

After the exercise … calm always comes. Keep Calm is the ideal playlist to recover after having run all over the island. Slow, soft rhythms and a lot of piano.

With this list of perfect playlists to run in Mallorca, you will enjoy your sessions more than ever. Run the island and discover the beauty of its interior.

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