Musik zum Laufen

10 perfect Spotify playlists to run to in Mallorca

Sport and music are a simple but successful combination. Practicing any type of exercise accompanied by good songs will give you an energy boost to keep going and automatically draw a smile on your face. We suggest that you immediately put your headphones on, grab your sneakers, and start running around Mallorca. Can you think […]

sportlichen Wettbewerbe

Sport events you can’t miss this year

The sport calendar for 2018 is loaded with exciting and very promising events, inside and outside our borders. Whether you are an inveterate athlete who loves competition in any discipline, or if you are simply an amateur spectator … check out this list with the sport events not to miss this year! Get your agenda […]

was ist aktiver Tourismus

What is active tourism and which are the best places in Spain to practice it

In recent years tourism in Spain has experienced a great evolution offering different alternatives to traditional sun and beach holidays. One of them is active tourism whose main objective is to carry out activities in natural environments that require a certain level of physical effort. Therefore, what is active tourism or how is it defined? […]

besten Orte für einen sportlichen Urlaub

The 20 best places for adventure holidays

For many, the holidays are not for resting and lying under the sun; On the contrary, they prefer to stay active and exercise in a new and different place. For that kind of people, holidays are the perfect time of the year to dedicate time to what they really love: practicing sports. If you are […]

Sportarten für Paare

The perfect sports to practice as a couple

If living a healthier life and spending more time with the person you love is amongst your purposes for 2018, we have the solution: practice sports as a couple. Exercising together bring you even closer and you will motivate each other to achieve your goals. Love and sports are a good combination. In fact, practicing […]

ski resorts in spain

The 10 best ski resorts in Spain for the 2018 season

With the arrival of the cold, winter sports lovers look up to the sky waiting for the first snowflakes to fall in order for ski resorts to open. That perfect white blanket to slide down the mountain sometimes makes you wait, but there is less time left to start enjoying skiing and snowboarding. And the […]

buceo para principiantes

10 tips for your first time diving

For divers, the world is twice as big than for regular people. The sea is so big, it offers so much to explore and it’s so different from anything else you’ve seen before…

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