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5 wonderful places in the interior of Menorca

Menorca is much more than just a beach destination; leave the coast behind and explore its interior to discover all the places that the island hides. Some related to the history or traditions of the place and others so surprising that they seem taken out from a movie.

Both if you’re visiting the island outside thç e summer season or if you simply prefer to leave the beach aside for a few days, you’ll be able to see everything that the interior of Menorca offers.

If you choose to rent a vehicle on your own it will be much easier to move around and reach all points of the island. Not because the distances are too long, but because this way you can draw your own route and set your own pace.

Pay attention and discover the 5 most wonderful places in the interior of Menorca:

La Naveta D’es Tudons

Long before the Phoenicians, Greeks or Carthaginians arrived in Menorca, the island was already populated for many years. Proof of this are the megalithic constructions found on the island; some of them are unique in the world.

The best example is the Naveta D’es Tudons, the oldest fully-conserved building in Europe, dating back more than 3,000 years. It is a funerary monument where the remains of about 100 deceased have been found along with a great amount of objects.

wonderful places in the interior of Menorca, La Naveta D´des Tudons

Monte Toro

It is a magical place in Menorca, being the highest point of the island, located at 358 meters above the sea level and exactly in the geographic center of the island. From here, the views are unbeatable as there is no point on the island out of visual reach. In addition, on clear days it is possible to see the coast of Mallorca.

Here is also located the Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Toro, where the image of the Patroness of Menorca is kept, making it also a place with religious meaning for the locals.

wonderful places in the interior of Menorca, Monte Toro

Mahon´s racecourse

It might be because of the heritage left by the English on the island, but there is a great tradition around horse racing in Menorca. The island´s racecourse is located in Mahon, where you can enjoy the races that take place on Saturday afternoons and on Sunday mornings during winter.

It is not necessary to dress like the English upper classes, although you will certainly feel like you’re inside a movie. You can bet and enjoy the views from the terrace of the bar or leaning on the wall while you cheer on your horse (hoping it´s the winner!).

Cova des Coloms

This cave is called “the cathedral” because of its large dimensions: 300 meters long, 15 meters wide and 24 meters high. Its large vault is impressive, reminding of the setting of an Indiana Jones movie. Due to findings made in its interior, it is believed that it was formerly used as a sanctuary or place of religious pilgrimage.

Getting there it’s not easy and it´s very important to be careful inside as the ground is very slippery.

wonderful places in the interior of Menorca, Cova des Coloms

S’Hostal quarries

The landscape of the old quarries of S’Hostal is breathtaking, mainly thanks to its depth and to the shapes excavated in the rocks. Nowadays they are in disuse but 200 years ago they were a great source of extraction of tides, a typical rock of the island.

wonderful places in the interior of Menorca, S´Hostal quarries

All these places are interesting pieces of the island where you will discover something new about Menorca. Make sure you enjoy the interior as much as the coast and the beaches, because in Menorca you don’t need to choose.

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