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9 physical activities to engage over the holidays, depending on your destination

Although holidays are for relaxing, it’s a shame to let all of the effort you’ve made during the year—exercising and eating healthy—go to waste in 15 days of inactivity. Sports are not incompatible with the summer and days off; on the contrary, this time of year will open up a whole range of possibilities that can add a twist to your typical training.

Imagine running every morning along the beach, or on a mountain path… The landscape, the views, the environment… these will make the experience even nicer and you’ll be doing exercise without even realizing it.

Many running fans, for example, pack their shoes and run in every city they visit. They all agree that it is a new and different way of getting to know a place.

Moreover, depending on your holiday destination, you can enjoy very different activities. Below, we give you some tips on how to stay in shape at the beach, in the mountains, or in the city.

The Sea

Water Sports

Surfing, sailing, diving… any water sport is a great choice if you’re near the ocean. If you have no expertise in any of these, we recommend that you try paddle surfing. This consists of standing on a surfboard and using an oar to get around on the water’s surface.

It’s a sport that is appropriate for any age and fitness level, and moreover, it works all of the muscles in the body and improves your balance.


Whether it’s in the pool or in the ocean, swimming is probably one of the most complete exercises that exist. It’s highly recommended, more than anything, for strengthening your back muscles.

You only need to do a few laps each time you go swimming in order to activate the body and tone your muscles.

Walking/running along the beach

Taking advantage of the early morning hours to walk or jog along the water’s edge is wonderful. There aren’t many people, there’s a sweet breeze… you’ll hardly notice you’re exercising at all.

Also, walking or running along the water’s edge is good for your circulation, and the movement of the waves tones your muscles.



Being in mountain areas the landscape basically begs for you to go walking, discovering, exploring… Moreover, nowadays, there are hundreds of marked routes you can travel along in complete safety. Some are more demanding than others, so always get the necessary information before starting off on one.

Along the way you’ll be surprised, guaranteed, by wonderful mountainous landscapes, rivers, lakes, caves and wild animals.


For bicycle lovers, the mountains are a demanding and fun setting where you can challenge yourself. If you have no experience on a mountain bike, look for an instructor to help you get started; afterwards, enjoy yourself alone, descending the mountains on two wheels.


This is a very physically demanding sport; nevertheless, if you are just starting out, you should look for an instructor who will take you around very simple mountains, and who can explain safety measures and anchoring.

Climbing defies gravity, so it is very important to know where to apply force and how to carry out every movement.



If you’ve decided to visit a large city, disconnecting from the typical urban bustle it will help if you relax and practice yoga. This discipline, although it may not seem like it, not only improves your balance and breathing, but also boosts the strength in your muscles.


As we mentioned at the beginning, running fans find it very interesting and entertaining to travel the streets of a city as they circulate at top speed. Get lost, run without a fixed route, and discover new places the way a local would.

You can also look for a park or a seafront promenade, if the city is located on the coast, in order to put some kilometers on your shoes.

Engaging in physical activity over the holidays will allow you to learn new skills and enjoy the place you are visiting from a different point of view. Look for options in each place and get started!


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