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The 6 Most Beautiful Lighthouses in Majorca: The Definitive Route

Guardian of the coast and guide to sailors on dark nights: for centuries the lighthouse has been one of the most distinctive nautical elements, helping steer the course of ships that, by approaching land, ran the risk of running aground on the rocks or cliffs.

The tall towers were crowned with a rotating bulb that gave off a beam light that was visible from many miles away. Upon scanning the horizon in the middle of the night from their ships, the sailors could see it and correct their course. This is why they are located on craggy coasts with cliffs and other protrusions that could be dangerous for their vessels.

Nevertheless, modern-day navigation systems have rendered lighthouses nearly obsolete nowadays. But this hasn’t caused them to lose the romantic air they give off, nor their historical and cultural value.

The coast of Mallorca is peppered with lighthouses due to its strategic location in the Mediterranean, a transit point on many sea routes, as well as the geography of the island itself. Some of them are jewels in and of themselves and are worth the visit, not only for their beauty and historical value, but also for the landscape and sunsets that frame them.

These are some of the most special the island has to offer:


The Formentor Lighthouse is situated on a cape of the same name. The cape is formed by a peninsula that is 12 km long and 3 km wide, located in the northern part of Mallorca. Without a doubt, it is one of the most impressive enclaves of the Balearic Islands.

In order to build it, they first had to construct a highway and transport all of the materials using mules. It was finally inaugurated in 1863.

Most Beautiful Lighthouses in Majorca, Formentor

Porto Pi

This is the second oldest working lighthouse in Spain. It was built in the 15th century and maintains, since 1617, its same design medieval design and characteristics. Because of this, it has been declared a historical monument.

In its interior is a small museum with a permanent exhibit regarding the lighthouses of the island, lighting systems, and maritime signals.

Most Beautiful Lighthouses in Majorca, Porto Pi

Cap Blanc

It’s nearly as old as the Formentor and rises above the tallest cliffs of the island, guiding sailors heading to the Palma Bay towards the south. Its beautiful white tower and lantern, which emits flashes of light every five seconds during the night, decorate the horizon of Cap Blanc. The views and sunsets are spectacular.

Most Beautiful Lighthouses in Majorca, Cap Blanc

Porto Colom

This is one of the most beautiful and photographed on the island, since its characteristic bands of blue and black make it truly special. Moreover, it’s visible from any point of Porto Colom, which means it is never out of sight.

Most Beautiful Lighthouses in Majorca, Porto Colom


This lighthouse is responsible for watching over the Menorca Canal from the Mallorcan side; therefore, on clear days, it’s possible to see the neighboring island on the horizon. Its neighbor is the d’Artrutx lighthouse, which greets us at night from the coast of Menorca.

The placement is spectacular and makes climbing the narrow and winding highway worth the trouble.

Most Beautiful Lighthouses in Majorca, Capdepera

Cala Figuera

Those who fly to the island when night has fallen, with a little luck, can see its light from the plane. This is possible thanks to the fact that it uses a special lantern that makes it visible both from the air and sea.

Moreover, seen from land, the lighthouse is easily identifiable as it was painted in black spirals.

Most Beautiful Lighthouses in Majorca, Cala Fuiguera

Travelling along the coast of Mallorca and visiting its lighthouses can be an unforgettable experience: histories, landscapes, and the sea. The best option is to take a car and tour the entire thing, going over its capes and outcroppings in order to find the most beautiful lighthouses on the island.

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