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10 reasons to go to Menorca in winter

The times are changing, Bob Dylan said a few years ago. And neither bicycles are exclusively for summer, nor are holidays taken only during the hottest months of the year. Enjoying a few days off during the winter is, nowadays, one of the luxuries that we can afford to enjoy in a more relaxed, chilled and different way of our free time. And of course, Menorca, is one of the most recommended destinations for it. Can you come with us?

There are many reasons to go to Menorca in low season, and perhaps the absence of tourists is the main one. Avoid overcrowding is almost a duty to enjoy the calm and tranquility that this island can provide you. Stroll along the coast, go down to one of those movie coves where you can feel like a real Robinson Crusoe or go to the seashore to take off your shoes and check that the water temperature in winter is not as bad as you imagine. Small pleasures difficult to taste in the privacy last March.

We continue the list of plans with a little ecotourism. The Camí de Cavalls is a route of medieval origin developed by the English to communicate the watchtowers of the island. They are 185 km divided into 20 stages that in winter shine in all their splendor. Let yourself be guided by the time to choose either a section of the ones bordering the coast, or one of the stages of the interior. Undoubtedly a good motive to go to Menorca in winter are its mild temperatures, since the minimum temperature of the island rarely drops below 10 degrees.

Menorca in winter_Camí de Cavalls

And although travel in other seasons as in autumn is also recommended, it is mainly in winter when you can check the ornithological richness that ‘inhabits’ in S’Albufera des Grau through bird watching, since this season coincides with the beginning of the wintering of many species from Europe and Africa, and Menorca is located in the middle of one of the main bird migratory routes. Take advantage of the visit to this park of more than 5,000 hectares to check the incredible animal and plant biodiversity of the island.

And how about a walk through the main urban centers of Menorca without crowds? Mahon, its port, its historical center and its fortress, together with the cathedral and the Castle of San Nicolau in Ciudadela, are essential at any time of the year. Walk through its streets without noise, without pushing, at your own pace, and also enter any of the art galleries you will find during your quiet stroll.  And from the most important current population centers we jump over time and travel to the Naveta des Tudons and the Torre d’en Galmes, the remains of two prehistoric towns where the silence and tranquility that is breathed in winter are very di in the noisy environment of the summer season.

It is also in winter when the plans ‘indoor’ charge all the sense of the world. Visit a factory like Gin Xoriguer in Mahón – the Menorcan gin par excellence and probably the first that was elaborated in the Mediterranean – it is obligatory to know first-hand what the artisanal distillation method of this typical drink is and to discover that the flavor of Menorca can be condensed inside a green bottle. We will also go through the Finca Subaida in Es Mercadal to learn how Mahon cheese is made, the only one with Protected Designation of Origin in all the Balearic Islands, with guided tours on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 12 in the morning.

And from these appointments with which we have already opened the appetite we jump directly to taste in person the delicacies that prepare with care in some of the best restaurants on the island and that are also open out of season. We have amassed a poker of very tasty aces formed by Sa Pedrera d’es Pujol,  S’Amarador, Es Cranc and Ca N’aguedet (each on one end of the island). And one more culinary note: during the cold months, Wednesday is the quintessential day of the Menorcan stew (the “Brou”), and in February several restaurants work special menus thanks to the Jornades Gastronòmiques del Peix. Two more plans to lick your fingers.

So, nature, history, culture and gastronomy go hand in hand and make us think about the reasons to go to Menorca out of season and enjoy “slowtravel” of our free days.


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