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How to protect kids from the sun during summertime

If there are two places where children love to spend the summer those are the beach and the pool. They’re the perfect places for the younger ones to play and stay cool; however, this also means they will usually be very exposed to sunlight and heat.

Kids have a much more sensitive skin than adults. Therefore, it is very important for them to be properly protected. Not only should we apply a good layer of sunscreen, but also take into account another series of precautions to avoid burns and sunstrokes.

In any case, if you are careful, your children will be able to play under the sun for hours without any risk. Pay attention to these tips to make sure you can relax while your children are playing.

Apply a good sunscreen, specific for children

It is a basic and an essential element for any activity under the sun. However, it is not enough to apply any cream. It is important to look for a sunscreen that meets these requirements:

  • Child protection: it must be a cream designed specifically for the little ones. In the absence of one of this type, use a regular one, but try to avoid this situation.
  • Physical filters: it is important that the cream is formulated with physical filters; these act as a screen preventing the body from absorbing solar radiation. They are harder to spread and leave a white film on the skin, but they are much more effective.
  • Broad spectrum: to obtain maximum protection, the sunscreen must be of a broad spectrum. That is, it will protect the child from UVA and UVB rays.
  • High protection factor: any cream for children must have SPF 30 or higher.
  • Smeary texture: it will penetrate better into the skin and the cream will be much more effective.

After making sure of all the previous, you also have to be careful to apply the sunscreen correctly. Do it like this:

  • Put it on half an hour before the kid´s exposure to the sun is expected.
  • Do it with generosity and abundance.
  • Don´t leave any corner out: make sure to protect their ears, nape and feet.

Finally, reapply the cream every two hours; especially if the child has been in the water or sweated a lot.

Dress them with anti-UV clothing

The best protection for children is one that creates a physical barrier between the rays of the sun and the skin. This is the case of anti-UV clothing that offers the maximum level of sun protection (UPF50 +). There are full caps, t-shirts and pants that are made with fabrics that block 98% of UVB rays and 95% of UVA rays.

These fabrics can get wet, are lightweight and dry very fast. You’ll only have to apply cream in the areas that are not covered by the clothes: face, ears, nape, legs, hands and feet.

Make sure they wear sunglasses

The sun can also cause eye damage in children, so it is advisable to protect them during prolonged exposure. So, if your child is going to be under the sun all day long, make sure they wear glasses! They’ll probably agree to do so since they’ll be excited look like the elders.

At the time of choosing one, look for some that fulfill these requirements:

  1. Reliable homologation.
  2. 100% protection from UV rays.
  3. Protection rating 3 or 4 (they are the strongest, recommended for children).
  4. Coverage of the whole eyes area, leaving no gaps.
  5. Unbreakable or highly resistant.

Avoid sunbathing during the central hours of the day

It’s better to stay in the shade between noon and 5pm, as solar radiation is more dangerous during that period.

Use igloos

Umbrellas are also a good option, but igloos offer larger sun protection. Also, since they cover part of the ground, you´ll avoid some of the reflections coming from the sand or grass.

Protect yourself even though it is cloudy

Clouds might make the day uglier, but they’re not an obstacle for solar rays, so protection must be applied equally even though it´s not very sunny.

Drink lots of water

It’s the best way to keep yourself hydrated and avoiding sunstrokes.

Protect your children from the sun and be a role model for them by following all these recommendations for your own sun protection. We –adults and kids- only have one skin and, as they say, it has memory, so make sure to take care of it together.

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