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How to pack when travelling with kids

Travelling with babies or children can be challenging, from the moment you make the decision to go on a family vacation until you’re back home. Throughout the process you will overcome different tests, and one of them will be to pack your kids´ suitcases.

If, when we organizing our own, we fill it with “just in case” stuff, when it comes to the suitcase of a child this habit might multiply dangerously. No matter the duration of the trip or the activities to be carried out, the tendency is to take half of the house with you in order to be prepared for anything. And while it’s okay to be proactive, you need to find the right balance.

The best way to prepare a suitcase, both for adults and children, is to think if we really need each of the elements that we want to put into it, to evaluate if it might actually be a better option to buy it at our destination and to establish a maximum number of “just in case” items. This way, we will be closer to making the perfect suitcase without falling into excess of volume and weight.

Write down some of these tips for packing when travelling with children:

1. Make a list

There are many things and you do not want to forget anything; so make a list prior to your departure and go filling it calmly. In this case, when the time comes, you will be sure about everything you have to carry with you.

2. Be organized

When the time to pack comes, keep some order. Put everything necessary on a plain surface and separate things in groups. The bulky ones down, then the clothes and finally fill the spaces available with small items left. This way, it will be much easier for you to find an access things later.

3. Wear matching garments

Especially if the trip is long, do not try to carry an outfit for each day. It is always better to opt for top and bottom parts that are combinable with each other. Take enough, knowing that kids get soiled and you will not want to be washing clothes every day.

4. Take into account the time of the year in which you travel

If it is summer and you are going to go to the beach, you will need sun protection, bathing suits, hats … And if it is winter: gloves, scarves, boots …

5. Choose a toy

If your child has a favorite toy, this is one of the “must carry” items. Having something familiar at hand will help him feel good, confident and will also be the perfect entertainment during the trips or possible waits.

6. Choose basics

Before loading your bag with shampoos, soaps … think if you can buy them at your destination. In addition to saving you weight, it will make things much easier for you if you travel by plane and do not plan to check your luggage.

7. Ration the food

If you are travelling with a baby, it is advisable to take provisions for the first few days, until you have bought everything you need at the destination. If they are older, take some snacks for the trip and then decide as you go. It will be fun for children to try new and different dishes.

8. Think if you need a stroller or a baby backpack

Depending on what your trip is going to be like, you will be able to use one or the other, in case you need it because of the age of the child. If you are going to do city tourism, the buggy will be better, but if you plan excursions in the wild, you may want to pack more. If you choose the first option, remember that you can get to the door of the plane with the cart and the staff will store it in the hold.

9. Remember to take the medicines you need

In addition to any specific treatments that the child may need, the basic first aid kit for travelling with children is based on: wound disinfectant, bandages, fever medicines and thermometer. With those at hand, you will be able to carry on until you can go to a pharmacy or visit a doctor, if necessary.

By following these 9 tips, you will be able to make the perfect suitcase for travelling with children. Remember that the key is in the balance and to reduce the “just in case” items to the maximum.

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