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How to overcome the fear of flying in 7 steps and not miss any destination

The engines roar, the plane accelerates and suddenly you are in the air. In that moment the nerves, the anxiety, the cold sweats begin … yes, it seems like you have fear of flying. One in every three people suffer.

This fear often spoils the excitement of getting on a plane knowing that, in a few hours, you will land in a different place. However, like any other phobia, it can be fought.

To overcome the fear of flying you have to work different aspects and, above all, know a series of tools that will help you have a better flight. With patience, practice and a lot of will you can beat aerophobia.

Do not let fear stop you from visiting some of the most beautiful corners of the world, like the Balearic Islands. Follow these 7 tips to overcome the fear of flying.

Remember that flying is really safe

There is more risk of you being struck by lightning (1 probability over 10.5 million) than having a plane crash (1 probability over 29 million). Flying is the safest means of transportation. If you want to overcome your fear of flying, repeat it again and again.

Try to anticipate what will happen

If you don’t have many hours of flight behind you, try to gather all the possible information before getting on the plane to understand what happens in every moment. It´s perfectly normal to be afraid of the unknown, so ask your friends to tell you about their experiences and to describe what it’s like to travel by plane.

Choose your seat

The seats at the tail of the airplane usually transmit greater sensation of tremor. Try to travel near the wings; it is the area with ??more stability. If you can get a seat in the emergency exit, even better.

fear of flying

Use apps to control your fear

There are mobile apps designed especially for people who are afraid of flying and need to be distracted or to know what is happening at all times. These work in airplane mode and most are free.

Stay distracted

Watch a movie on your tablet, read on board magazine or talk quietly with the passenger next seat. Distraction may be the best solution to overcome your fear of flying. It will make you forget about the rest and the time will pass much faster.

fear of flying

Think you’re in a car

Imagine that you are traveling on a highway and that you will soon reach your final destination. If you notice any tremor just think that you have caught a small bump.

Keep calm if there is turbulence

Breathe and remember again: the plane is the safest means of transport. The turbulence does not represent any danger, every aircraft is designed to withstand difficult weather conditions.

Work these aspects and you will overcome your fear of flying. The illusion to travel will be your maximum motivation.

We wish you a happy flight!


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