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The extreme sports you´ll be able to practice in Majorca

It takes courage to go ahead and jump off a cliff, straight into the water. Just like climbing 20 meters high walls without any gear and using the sea as the only “matress”. Those who are addicted to these kind of experiences will find their paradise at the Balearic Islands, where a wide variety of extreme sports can be practiced.

Coasteering, deep water soloing, canyoning… are activities which generate high doses of adrenaline. And that is something very addictive. That´s why an increasing number of people are deciding to explore their own limits and go live these new experiences.

Out of all the islands, Mallorca feels like an amusement park for adventure lovers. There is the sea, the mountains and a nice weather with over 200 sunny days per year, all of this making it the perfect place for practicing outdoor sports.

Even though the list is long, we have made a selection of sports “only for the brave” that you´ll be able to practice, if you dare, in the Balearic Islands.


Different sports have gathered under the term “coasteering”, which started gaining fame in 1973 in Wales. Trekking, climbing, high jump, rappeling, scuba diving or cave exploring are only some of the many activities that can be practiced in the rocky areas of the balearic coast.

The areas of Alcudia and Manacor –north and east of Mallorca respectively- are some of the preferred areas of the coasteering fans. Besides jumping to the sea from high rocks, some companies offer the possibility of moving from one rock to another via zip line.

This practice is the best way of discovering the island´s most beautiful and unusual spots, combining water and ground activities.

Deep water soloing

This type of climbing is worth a special mention. Deep water soloing is about climbing walls up to 20 meters high without any kind of rope. It is practiced, nonetheless, always over the water to offer the climbers a “safe” fall.

It is considered to be a type of climbing that requires a special mental strength and a high level of concentration, in order to silence the fear caused by the absolute lack of protection systems.

Mallorca is the Mecca of this sport and it was here where it first started to be practiced by the end of the 70´s. It was the own Majorcan climbers who, seeking new experiences, developed the first area for this sport at the Porto Pi dock.

La Cova des Diables, at Porto Cristo, is one of the highlights of the island regarding ropeless rock climbing. It offers a wall with plenty of holes and four areas for different levels of deep water soloing.


The terms canyoning and adventure could well be synonyms. It is a sport full of sensations, dynamic and, above all, fun. Every canyon is different and offers new landscapes, requiring different capabilities: swimming, walking, rappeling, going down natural waterslides…

It is usually practiced across canyons and ravines formed by a river… and Mallorca is not short of these. The mountain area of Tramuntana is the perfect example, holding a large number of ravines suitable for different levels, from the easiest ones like Coanegre, to the more complex routes like Gorg Blau or Sa Fosca.

This last one is, for many, the best canyon in Europe for its beauty. It consists of over 40 jumps distributed across 6 kilometers of route between rocks that can rise as much as 300 meters high. Just a detail: half of the route is in the dark.


There are more than 10.000 caves under Mallorca´s ground. Some of them are considered to be the longest and more spectacular of all Europe, like the Karstic cavity of Es Pas de Vallgornera, 74 kilometers long, or Sa Campana, with a stunning depth of over 340 meters.

It´s worth abandoning the surface and going underground in order to discover these spectacular rocky formations with natural pools, caverns, vaults and tunnels leading to the unkown.

To start exploring these underground labyrinths, you´ll just need the right equipment and an expert guide that makes sure you make it back to the surface.


Mallorca is your island if you´re seeking to practice climbing. The mountain area of Tramuntana erects over the western coast, with Puig Major as the peak of the area at 1.432 meters above sea level.

The limestone present has gained with time an interesting reputation for the area, which offers different routes for all levels. For all of this, the island has become a highlighted destination for the practice of both classic and sport climbing.

Away from the hammock and the beach bar, Mallorca is a gymkhana for adrenaline lovers. A perfect place to enjoy some exciting and adventurous holidays.

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