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What is the best time of year to visit the Balearic Islands?

When asking “what is the best time of the year to visit the Balearic Islands?”, it´s impossible get only one right answer. The Balearic archipelago is a wonderful destination all throughout the 12 months as the climate, purely Mediterranean, is temperate and the sun shines more than 110 days a year.

The weather in the Balearic Islands is one of the most pleasant we can find in Spain since it is not very cold in winter nor too hot in summer.

Taking as reference the island of Mallorca, the average maximum temperature is 22 degrees and the minimum of 14. As for the rainfall, these are scarce since it only rains, on average, about 53 days a year. This allows the islands to offer more than 2,779 hours of sun along the year.

Nonetheless, depending on the purpose of your trip, a recommendation for one season or the other could be made. For example, if what you want is to sunbathe and enjoy the coves, you should travel during summer.

To help you find the ideal time for your trip to the Balearic Islands we have analyzed the climate of different times of the year and, based on it, suggested some of the activities that you can carry out with that weather.

Spring – summer

It’s sunny, the temperatures rise and it rains a lot less. It is the ideal time to go to the beach, to do kayak routes, to dive, to sail and … in general, to be outdoors, to enjoy the nature and the landscape of the islands.

The good weather begins in May, when the average temperature is already around 18 degrees. These reach their highest peak in the month of August, with an average of 26 degrees, but the rest of the summer months remain more or less the same. In September it drops to 23 and in October the average is still in the low 20s, so the summer in the Balearic Islands is a little longer.

In fact, the months of June and September are considered the best ones to visit the Balearic Islands, as good weather remains but there are far fewer people than in July or August. The coves will be less crowded and you will be able to enjoy the landscape almost in solitude.

Regarding the rain, you won’t have to worry. On average, in May it rains four days a month and in July this is reduced to only one. In October the chances increase, but the average is still only seven days. In summary, you can leave your umbrella home.

Autumn – winter

The average temperature in this period descends but never under the 10 degrees. The coldest months are, by far, January and February with an average around 8 degrees. These are also the months when it rains more and there are more cloudy days.

In any case, this should not an obstacle to enjoy the Balearic Islands. On the contrary, this time is ideal to practice many of the activities offered by the islands. For example: visiting small villages, workshops of local artisans, museums, hiking, cycling and even see the snow on top of the Sierra de Tramuntana in Mallorca.

In the Balearic Islands you will find the ideal destination for your holidays, regardless of the time of year in which you visit them.

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