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The 10 best ski resorts in Spain for the 2018 season

With the arrival of the cold, winter sports lovers look up to the sky waiting for the first snowflakes to fall in order for ski resorts to open. That perfect white blanket to slide down the mountain sometimes makes you wait, but there is less time left to start enjoying skiing and snowboarding.

And the peninsula, fortunately, has many mountain areas that in the cold months are covered with snow and allow the practice of winter sports. Some of these points have become famous thanks to the quality of their tracks and their facilities.

Rescue your skis, find the snow clothes and start planning that first getaway to the mountain. For this, we share a list with the best ski resorts in Spain.

Sierra Nevada

One of Spain’s most famous ski resorts. It is located in Granada, at the Mulhacén peak (3,478 meters) and is open several months a year. It has a large and varied hotel offer, spa, ice skating rink, disco … In Sierra Nevada, you can also ski with a night pass until 10pm.

ski resorts in Spain, Granada (Spain)

Aramón Cerler

Located in Huesca, in the Aragonese Pyrenees. This station has 79 skiable kilometers and is surrounded by 60 peaks that exceed 3,000 meters of altitude. The landscape is incredible. The facilities and services of Aramón Cerler are also top quality.

ski resorts in spain, Aramón Cerler (Aragonese Pyrenees)

Baqueira Beret

This station is in a remote valley of the Aran Valley, in Catalonia, and is one of the most sophisticated and luxurious in Spain. In Baqueira Beret you will find 146 kilometers of track considered some of the best in Europe.

ski resorts in spain, Baqueira Beret (Aran Valley, Catalonia)


It´s Spain´s oldest ski resort. Candanchú is in the Aragonese Pyrenees, very close to the French border. This station is recommended, especially, for those who want to get started with winter sports. For the most expert there are off-track routes that are famous for their difficulty and emotion.

ski resorts in spain, Candanchú (Aragonese Pyrenees)


Formigal stands out, above all, for its atmosphere and the parties that are held at the foot of the track from 3PM until 9PM. In this ski you can also practice snow bike, dog sledding or tubing (descent in circular mattresses).

ski resorts in spain, Formigal


Another one located in the Aragonese Pyrenees. Deep in the Aragon Valley, Astún offers 50 kilometers of tracks that flow at 1,660 and 2,300 meters high. It is a quiet station, more or less small, but with all the necessary services to have fun in the snow.

ski resorts in spain, Astún (Aragonese Pyrenees)

La Molina

In this station, the first commercial ski lift was installed in 1943. It has 61 skiable kilometers distributed in 54 tracks for all levels, as well as a large snow park and the largest super pipe in the Pyrenees. It´s located in the Cerdanya.

ski resorts in spain, La Molina (Cerdanya)


Very close to La Molina, Masella is located on the mountain of La Tosa at 2,535 meters. You can ski its 74 kilometers of track with the Puigmal in the background and, if you’re lucky, race against the native chamois. The landscape will leave you breathless.

ski resorts in spain, Masella

Boí Taull

This station claims to have the highest slopes of the Pyrenees; this, together with its north orientation, makes quality snow almost guaranteed. Boí Taull also has a large number of services close to the slopes.

ski resorts in spain, Boí Tall (Pyrenees)


It is the ski station for the northwest skiers, as it´s located in León, in the municipality of Villablino. Leitariegos is also one of the cheapest tracks in the country. The quality / price ratio is more than acceptable.

ski resorts in spain, Laitariegos (León)

In these 10 ski resorts in Spain you will find the perfect scenario to enjoy the snow, the white landscape and the comfort offered by top quality facilities and services.

While we wait for the summer to return to practice our favorite water sports or look for a warm place for it , take advantage of the winter season to ski or snowboard in any of these ski resorts in Spain.

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