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The 20 best places for adventure holidays

For many, the holidays are not for resting and lying under the sun; On the contrary, they prefer to stay active and exercise in a new and different place. For that kind of people, holidays are the perfect time of the year to dedicate time to what they really love: practicing sports. If you are one of them, check out the 20 best places for a sports vacation.

Maybe due to the climate or maybe due to the environment (or both factors at the same time), there are some destinations that are especially attractive for the practice of certain disciplines. For example, an island where good weather reigns will always be the ideal place for water sports lovers.

Bicycle Touring

If you love to explore while pedaling and pushing your resistance to the limit, you can´t miss some of the best places to practice cycling some of the best places to practice cycling:


The Sierra de la Tramuntana, in the northwest of the island, is the best setting for your bike routes. First of all, because of the wonderful landscape declared World Heritage by Unesco. Its good roads and the existing respect towards cyclists are a great reason to choose Mallorca as well.

best places for adventure holidays, Sierra de la Tramuntana (Mallorca)


A heavily linked region to cycling and across which, normally, runs La Vuelta (Spain’s most important cycling race) crowning some of its most famous ports: the Angliru, the Naranco, the Lakes of Covadonga … If you haven´t pedaled to any of them yet, you have just discovered a pending task.

best places for adventure holidays, Asturias


A country with a collection of natural landscapes that will leave you speechless. It also has a 4,000-kilometer green route that crosses the province of Quebec. A paradise for bicycle tourers!

best places for adventure holidays, Canada


The mountain range of the Pyrenees offers cyclists wonderful roads, mythical ports and routes to practice mountain biking. Some recommended routes are the Transpirenaica, the Aneto, Monte Perdido or the tracks of Ordesa.

best places for adventure holidays, Pyrenees


Triathlon, duathlon … or simple races that adapt to the level of each one. The good thing about running is that you can practice it almost anywhere; however, there are places where you´ll just want to keep moving forward to see more and more.


Valencia´s marathon and half marathon have been chosen as the best races in Spain by the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation. And this is mainly because the city is one of the best places for a sports holiday and, thus, running with the breeze of the sea and under the shadow of the City of Arts and Sciences.

best places for adventure holidays, Valencia


Havana’s Malecon is an outstanding athletics track: with views of the sea and flanked by some of the most emblematic buildings of the city, it offers eight straight kilometers to go around as much as you want. Of course, it’s important to choose the appropriate time of the day in order to avoid the sun and heat.

best places for adventure holidays, Cuba

New York

Central Park, Manhattan´s famous park, is the city’s favorite place for runners who inhabit the big apple. Here is also held one of the most famous marathons in the world. Running under the shade of the trees and breathing fresh air will enchant you.

best places for adventure holidays, Central Park (Nueva York)


Camí de Cavalls is a wonderful path that goes around Menorca along the coast, with stunning views and 180 kilometers to run as much as you want. The best idea is to complete it in sections.

best places for adventure holidays, Cami de Cavalls (Menorca)


Just the fact of walking, covering new paths and enjoying nature and the views. Hiking is a perfect sport to practice during the holidays and the best way to discover unforgettable places.

The Way of St James

Any point of the road is a destination on its own from which to start the journey to Compostela. And there´s something about the Way that, despite the years, has made it keep its fame and hundreds of people keep walking it every year.

best places for adventure holidays, The Way of St. James (El Cámino de Santiago)


The best way to get to the famous city Machu Picchu is through a path that runs through the sacred mountains as the Incas used to do it. It’s a total of 43 kilometers of forests and millenarian steps at a considerable altitude. The reward, though, is worth it: the famous Puerta del Sol and the views of the ruins of Machu Picchu will leave you speechless.

best places for adventure holidays, Machu Picchu (Peru)


The Jerte Valley grows even more beautiful in spring, with the flowering of the cherry trees. Hundreds of trails cross the area, so it is fun to explore and try to discover the most beautiful landscape. Navaconcejo, Cabezuela del Valle, Tornavacas or Jerte, can be a good place to start or finish any route.

best places for adventure holidays, The Jerte Valley (Extremadura)


The Forest of Oma offers a walk full of colors; both the ones created by nature and the ones left by the artist Agustín Ibarrola on the bark of trees. The Spanish painter recreated a small piece of natural art that, without a doubt, is worth visiting. The drawings on the trees will guide your way.

best places for adventure holidays, The forest of Oma (Bizkaia)


It’s one of the most complete sports, recommended for all ages and the one you surely will want to practice in the summer months. However, if you are going to do some swimming outside the pool you should find the perfect places for it.


The lava, product of the eruption in 1706 of the Trevejo volcano, created a large natural pool next to the ocean. It’s known as El Caletón and it’s located in the municipality of Garachico. It offers perfect conditions for a safe bath.

best places for adventure holidays, El Caletón (Tenerife)


The famous cenotes of Mexico are perfect places to take a dip. In these freshwater pools you can swim and enjoy a unique environment. Formerly, it was believed that they were entrances to the underworld and were considered sacred places.

best places for adventure holidays, Cenotes (Mexico)

Basque Country

The beach of Malkorbe, located in Getaria (Guipúzcoa), is a bit more than 400 meters long and some very quiet waters. It’s perfect for a quiet swim for practicing other activities such as diving or canoeing.

best places for adventure holidays, Beach of Malkorbe (Basque Country)


Besides finding yourself in a true paradise, in the Maldives you will find the perfect sea for swimming: the temperature is pleasant and inside the reef, which surrounds the islands, the waters remain calm.

best places for adventure holidays, Maldives


Another extreme sport that is becoming more popular every day. Its practice invites you to travel the world in search of caves to explore.


One of the best places for some adventurous holidays practicing speleology. In the subsoil of Mallorca there are more than 10,000 caves and, most likely, many others that remain to be discovered. Some are considered the longest and most spectacular in Europe; like Es Pas de Vallgornera, of 73 kilometers, or Sa Campana, the deepest of the island at 340 meters.

best places for adventure holidays, Es Pas de Vallgornera


A paradise for speleologists thanks to its more than 9,000 caves; some of them as famous as El Soplao. Torca del Carlista is especially recommended, a gigantic grotto that occupies an area of ??more than two and a half hectares. Another option is the crossing of Cueto-Conventosa, which goes over wells of enormous depth and is considered the cathedral of speleology.

best places for adventure holidays, El Soplao (Cantabria)


The “Mountain River Cave”, or also known as Hang Son Doong, is the largest cave in the world and is located in the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in Vietnam. 2.5 million years old, it offers a unique spectacle with many rivers and fast currents in its interior.

best places for adventure holidays, Hang Son Doong (Vietnam)


The Gouffre Berger cave, located in the southeast of France, is a challenge for the most expert cavers. It is one of the deepest caverns in the world, with more than 1,200 meters of depth and an interior lake.

best places for adventure holidays, Gouffre Berger

With this list of the 20 best places for adventurous holidays you will find the ideal destination for your next challenge. Which one do you choose?

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