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The 7 most beautiful inland villages of Majorca

Entering the heart of Mallorca is like landing on a different island where calm and silence reign. The “Serra de Tramontana”, the charming small villages, the cobbled streets, the stone houses… there is so much to explore! Just take your car and let yourself fall in love with the culture, the gastronomy, the landscapes and the traditions of the inland part of Mallorca.

Routing through Mallorca´s most beautiful villages will allow you to discover the other side of the island; one where life runs slowly and the landscapes are wonderful. We even guarantee that you will not miss the turquoise blue of the sea. You´ll find yourself in front of mountains, green fields, mills and stone villages that look like taken out of an old movie.

These are some of the most beautiful inland villages you will find in Mallorca.


This village, hidden among the mountains of the “Serra de Tramontana”, is one of the most beautiful of the island; Its beauty has fascinated great artists for decades, including the composer Frederic Chopin, who spent the winter of 1838 in the Cartuja (Royal Palace) of this municipality.

Walk through its streets, enjoy the stone houses and don´t miss the Cartuja. And, if you want to taste the local gastronomy, we strongly recommend the potato coca.


They call it the “village of artists” because many, throughout history, decided to establish their residence here, in order to stay around the beautiful panoramic views that this place offers.

Take your time to walk its streets, sneak into art galleries and visit the workshops of artisans in the area. You will discover Mallorcan creativity at its finest!


This village has a very particular feature: it is surrounded by a valley of orange trees. Upon your arrival you will discover one of the most valuable architectural ensembles of the island, since in Sóller numerous palaces and stately houses of French aesthetics were built.

You can get there by car or alternatively catch an old wooden train from Palma to Sóller. From there you can also get on an old tram that goes to the port.


Its centennial houses, its historical center and its staggered streets will not leave you indifferent. Neither will the landscape around you as this village is located in one of the most fertile areas of the island.

It´s the perfect place to relax, as in Orient there are hardly twenty houses and many of them are uninhabited.


This is another of the essential inland points in any proper route through Mallorca. Esporles´ tranquility will surprise you, only altered by the slight bustle of the coffee shops that swirl around the central promenade. One of the village´s peculiarities is that it’s crossed by a small creek that sneaks between the houses.

It is very close to Palma, so getting there by car will not take you more than 15 minutes.


A mandatory in any list of Mallorca´s most beautiful and iconic villages. A medieval fortress from the 14th century stands on top of this wonderful town, from which you can see the island of Menorca on clear days. The story has it that King Jaime II had it built during the time of pirate attacks.


When you arrive you may find it difficult to understand the locals but this is just because Pollença is probably the town with the strongest personality on the island, to such an extent that it has an own dialect and traditions. One of them is the famous festival of Moors and Christians, which is celebrated every year in August.

In these seven towns you will come into contact with the culture of Mallorca, with the towns and their people. Now you know: if you want to discover a little more about Mallorca, go inland.


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