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4 beaches in Menorca to go with your dog

The Balearic Islands are in for the pet-friendly movement and more and more beaches of the archipelago admit nowadays the presence of dogs in the sand. In Menorca, in particular, there are a total of 4 coves where your pet can officially accompany you.

This is mainly because more and more people want to enjoy the sun and the sand accompanied by their dog friend; that is why many beaches in Spain have decided to open their doors to these animals. This decision corresponds to the city councils and, in the case of Menorca, four wonderful corners have been designated for it.

It is important to know, on the other hand, that all the beaches of Menorca adapted to go with dogs have a series of rules you´ll have to comply with. These are, mainly: watch your pet, collect their excrement, don´t let them disturb other users and especially, if there are kids around, use a leash and muzzle when indicated and keep the vaccination card up to date.

Fulfilling these requirements, you will be able to enjoy these 4 beaches of Menorca to go with dogs:

Binigaus Beach

Near the beautiful village of Migjorn Gran we find the beach of Binigaus, a paradise of fine golden sand with clean and transparent waters. It remains almost virgin and is very quiet to walk and enjoy with your pet.

Dogs are allowed access throughout the year; however, they are only allowed from 7pm to 9am.

You will be able to take your dog without a leash so that he can run freely, although if he is of a race considered dangerous, he must wear the muzzle.

beaches of Menorca to go with dogs, Binigaus beach (Menorca)

Cala Fustam

Another one of the beaches of Menorca to go with dogs is Cala Fustam, very close also to the municipality of Migjorn Gran. This belongs to the Natural Area of  Special Interest that goes from Cala Mitjana to Binigaus.

In this place you will find a cove of white sand, turquoise waters and a beautiful pine forest surrounding it that will make the walk with your dog even more fun. Cala Fustam is quite isolated, so you will not find many people there.

You can visit this beautiful cove of Menorca 365 days a year and it will not be necessary for your dog to wear a leash at any time.

beaches of Menorca to go with dogs, Cala Fustam (Menorca)

Cala Escorxada

Located in the south of the island, this cove is considered one of the most beautiful on the island. Its turquoise waters surprise any visitor as well as its fine white sand. However, to get there, you will have to undertake a small excursion of more than an hour walk.

Cala Escorxada is open for pets throughout the year and at any time. It is not necessary to use a leash, although it is important that you bring your own sanitary bags to collect their excrement and leave the beach clean (you will not find anything nearby).

beaches of Menorca to go with dogs, cala Escorxada (Menorca)

Cala Pudent

Very close to the village of Es Mercadal is Cala Pudent, another of Menorca beaches to go with dogs. A completely unspoilt little paradise of 50 meters no different to those in the Caribbean. Ideal turquoise waters for diving.

You can enjoy Cala Pudent every day of the year with your dog, without time restriction. As in the other beaches, it is not necessary to use a leash although the muzzle is recommended for breeds considered dangerous.

beaches of Menorca to go with dogs, cala Pudent (Menorca)

Enjoy the island accompanied by your pet and visit these four beaches of Menorca suitable to go with your dog.

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