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10 beaches in Menorca you can’t miss

Falling in love with the best beaches in Menorca is one of those things you simply can’t avoid. Small, pretty and hidden between cliffs they are bathed by some of the most turquoise waters you’ll ever see. They shine even when compared to the Caribbean landscapes. Actually, this is proven by the island’s designation as Biosphere Reserve back in 1993.

Menorca has more than 70 beaches distributed between the North and the South.  While the ones in the north usually offer more wild landscapes with red rocks, the southern ones are sandy. In any case, they all have something in common: they’re little pieces of an almost intact paradise.

These are some of the beaches you can’t miss when you go back to the island.

Cala Macarella

White sand, turquoise waters, small rocky cliffs and a dense forest by the beach. Both this beach and its smaller sister  Cala Macarelleta, right next to it- are, for many, the best ones in all Menorca.

best beaches in Menorca_Cala Macarella

Cala Pilar

Found at a unique location, in the middle of the Northern Marine Reserve of Menorca, this beach portrays the wildest view of the island’s nature with impressive dunes and clayey cliffs.

best beaches in Menorca_Cala Pilar

Cala Mitjana

Reading this list one thing is for sure: you´ll struggle to choose. Menorca’s beaches make it difficult to do so, and Cala Mitjana is not an exception. This small natural bay creates a little blue paradise that will, most likely, steal your heart.

best beaches in Menorca_Cala Mitjana

Cala en Turqueta

This is one of the most popular beaches in the island and, thanks to its name, you might be able to guess why. The waters in this cove are so blue that they seem like dyed by the man´s hand, with shades of turquoise that look unreal.

best beaches in Menorca_Cala en Turqueta

Cala Tortuga and Cala Presili

These are two protected beaches separated by a piece of land located at the Natural Park of S´Albufera des Grau. Besides enjoying the sun and the sea, from here you´ll have wonderful views of the famous Favàritx lighthouse.

best beaches in Menorca_Cala Tortuga

Cala Es Talaier

If you´re looking for a hidden beach, this is it. Surrounded by pine trees, it takes a 20-minute walk to get to it. This is what makes it such a perfect place to relax and enjoy the sun.

best beaches in Menorca_Cala es Talaier

Cala Morell

The cliffs around it offer rocks for the visitors to sunbathe, making it one of Menorca’s most iconic beaches. You might not be able to play in the sand here, but you’ll be surrounded by a landscape you’ll most likely remember forever.

best beaches in Menorca_Cala Talaier

Cala Escorxada

This is one of the island’s less visited islands. Why? Mainly because it´s one hour away from Cala Mitjana, that’s why you’ll find more people getting there by boat than by foot. It is also one of the few beaches in Menorca that you can visit with your dog.

best beaches in Menorca_Cala Escorxada

Cala Galdana

Even though it has been declared a semi-urban space, this beach is still a paradisiac place and one of the beaches of Menorca distinguished with a blue flag. It is also one of Menorca’s largest beaches with around 400 meters of white sand. If you’re planning to visit, know that you’ll not only find other fellow travellers there, but also pilgrim falcons and some toads that visit the beach on a regular basis.

best beaches in Menorca_Cala Galdana

Cala Pregonda

This is one of the locals´ favorites. Not only for its quietness, but also for the landscape you´ll find: the rocks and sand have a red color rarely associated to a beach.

best beaches in Menorca_Cala Pregonda

Although it isn’t easy to make a shortlist, these are some of the beaches you should definitely visit when in Menorca. Just take them as a starting point to elaborate your own ranking and choosing your favorites… whatever you decide, you can’t miss.


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