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6 beaches you need to visit in Majorca

One would have to invent new colors in order to be able to describe all the shades of blue that paint the waters of Mallorca. Turquoise, baby blue, periwinkle, cyan… they’re just not enough. Just add the beautiful small sandy beaches hidden between rocks and cliffs and you’ll realize you’re as close to paradise as it gets.

Most of the beaches in the island are hidden and unexplored spots, the kind where one doesn’t get by just coincidence. If you mix this with the stunning scenery they offer, they become even more unique. You’ll find yourself in quiet and uncrowded places that offer calm waters to enjoy a great swim.

It’s worth mentioning that, in order to enjoy all of the above mentioned, you must be willing to walk a bit. In some of them you might even have to do some easy climbing, but we guarantee it will be worth the effort.

Caló des Moro

They say that this is one of Majorca’s most beautiful beaches… and they’re not exaggerating. This cove, which is reduced to just some rocks when the tide is high, is a hidden pearl between two cliffs. The sea is bordered by the land, which makes it a safe place for swimming and enjoying its crystal clear water.

On the way down to Cal’ des Moro you’ll also find the beach of s´Almunia, placed right below some fishermen´s houses.

beaches you need to visit in Majorca, Caló des Moro

Cala Mondragó

This beach is found at a unique location, which caused its appointment as Natural Park in 1992 and Area of Special Protection for Birds in 1995. It is also an ideal place to go with children, since it has shallow waters and the access is easy.

Cala Varqués

This is one of the most intact and unaltered beaches in all the island… and it’s not surprising. It´s so remote and the access is so natural that many aren’t able to even get there. If you want to give it a try yourself, just take the road to Calas de Mallorca until you reach a fence where you must park and start walking through a forest. Even Google Maps struggles locating it!

That’s exactly what makes this place so special, because only a few actually get to the stunning beach. In addition, Cala Varqués offers for divers the largest network of underwater caves in Europe.

Torrent de Pareis

Nature has turned this beach into a natural amphitheater, since it’s surrounded by two cliffs, each over 200 meters-high. You’ll discover how any slight sound is multiplicated by the effect of the resonance and it fills the space with strange echoes. This place´s magic was recognized when it was declared Natural Monument.

beaches you need to visit in Majorca, Torrent de Pareis

Cala Mitjana

The access is complicated and there are barely any signs, but this is exactly what will allow you to enjoy this wonderful cove without any crowds. The vegetation around the beach is mixed with the turquoise water and the white sand of the beach, creating a fascinating view. Make sure to include Cala Mitjana in the list of places to visit when you visit Majorca.

beaches you need to visit in Majorca, Cala Mitjana

Cala d’Or

In this area you’ll find three different beaches, all of them calm and family-oriented. The main advantage is that, while also being beautiful, they´re all surrounded by many attractions and restaurants where you’ll be able to make a break from the beach.

beaches you need to visit in Majorca, Cala D´Or

Don´t hesitate and go explore the wonderful coast of Majorca, with plenty of small beaches and pieces of paradise waiting for you.

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