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5 beaches in the Balearic Islands to practice mud therapy

Changing a swim in the sea for one in mud can be very relaxing and beneficial. Not only it moisturizes the skin, but it also helps the body liberate stress and anxiety. Some beaches in the Balearic Islands have specific areas of natural mud, being perfect for an open air session of skin therapy.

This technique of applying clay over the body is called mud therapy, and it has gained fame in recent years. Nevertheless, in the past our ancestors were already aware of the benefits of mud on our skin, and it was frequently practiced.

Even though mud therapy includes the use of both, it´s worth mentioning that clay and mud aren’t the same. The former comes from the ground and is created by the decomposition of rocks rich in aluminium; mud, on the other hand, is a mix between soil and water, usually found in lakes, rivers, seas or springs.

Both clay and mud are natural substances rich in minerals that have powerful effects on the body and skin. Besides serving as an effective relaxing therapy, they regenerate our skin, leaving it smooth and moisturized. They also have anti-inflammatory effects, help the body’s production of collagen, release muscle strain and help eliminate toxins.

All of this is at everyone’s reach by simply going to beaches that are rich in mud or clay. It´s only a matter of mixing it with water, applying it over the skin and letting it dry under the sun for at least 15 minutes. After this time has passed, one simply has to dive into the water and let the remains disappear. It is also possible to use some sand as an exfoliating agent in order to complete the treatment.

Happily for all of those visiting, some fantastic beaches where practicing mud therapy can be found in the Balearic Islands. These are the main ones:

Cavalleria Beach – Menorca

Located in the north side of the island, it´s one of the most famous because of the intense red color of its rocks. Here you’ll find a kind of clay that, when mixed with water, becomes the ultimate beauty treatment: exfoliating the skin, helping circulation, giving tone to the body and treating oily skins.

beaches in the Balearic Islands to practice mud therapy, Cavalleira Beach (Menorca)


Cala Roja – Menorca

This beach is Cavalleria´s smaller sister, found at a remote and quiet area, even on the busiest summer days. It´s name comes from the remains of red clay that can be found at the side of the beachfront. It is the perfect place to break away and cover the skin in red.

beaches in the Balearic Islands to practice mud therapy, Cala Roja (Menorca)

Es Canyeret – Mallorca

It is located about 8 kilometers away from the village of Sóller, and is also known as Llucalri. This beautiful pebble beach has a special and unique feature: a natural sweet water source. When this water falls over the clay the result is the perfect mud, rich in minerals and regenerating properties.

beaches in the Balearic Islands to practice mud therapy, Es Canyeret (Mallorca)


Cala Saona – Formentera

This peaceful and clear water beach features special muds for detoxing our skin and relieving muscular strain as well as joints inflammation. This beach got specially famous during the summer of 2016, when the popular actress Kate Hudson chose it to try mud therapy.

beaches in the Balearic Islands to practice mud therapy, Cala Saona (Formentera)

Algaiarens Beach – Menorca

This beach, that seems being intentionally designed for mud therapy, can be found in the northwest side of Menorca. On its right side you´ll find the mud and plenty of space to just lay down and enjoy the views. Tip: be careful with your clothes, this mud is specially sticky!

beaches in the Balearic Islands to practice mud therapy, Algaiarens Beach (Menorca)

Holidays are that time of the year meant to spend time on yourself, breaking away and relaxing. Mud therapy might just be the perfect way to get rid of stress and, additionally, getting back home with a new and healthy skin. If you can do it for free whilst enjoying the beautiful landscapes of the Balearic Islands… What is there left to think?

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