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8 curious facts about Mallorca you probably didn’t know

Mallorca is an island that never stops surprising. Not only for its landscapes and beaches, but also for all the history and culture it has to offer. Wherever you go you will not miss out on curious facts and incredible anecdotes that do not always appear in travel guides.

If you are the type of traveler who loves to study the history or the peculiarities of a place before visiting it, you will like to discover all these curiosities about Mallorca. They will also help you to surprise those travelling with you with your knowledge of Mallorca.

The crystal clear waters of Mallorca

Everyone is surprised by the transparency of the sea on the Mallorcan coast, but do you know why? The seabed of the island is rich in cynical posidonia, an alga that oxygenates the water making it much more transparent. A paradise for snorkelers and swimmers!

The best city to live

Yes, Mallorca is not only ideal as a holiday destination but also to live throughout the year. This was determined by the famous magazine The Times that, in 2015, chose Palma as the world’s best city to live in.

curious facts about Mallorca, Mallorca

The best views of the island

In the 14th century, a fortification of Gothic style was built in Mallorca at 112 meters above sea level. It was named Bellver Castle and boasts one of the best views of the island. From there you can contemplate the city, the port, the Serra de la Tramuntana and the Pla de Mallorca. Its name, in fact, comes from the old Catalan and means “beautiful sight”. Another of its peculiarities is that it is one of the few castles in Europe with circular plant and the oldest of all.

A Cover Church

The church of Sant Bartomeu, located in Sóller, is one of the most beautiful of the island and even featured in the cover of one of the editions of the book “A world without end” by the British writer Ken Follet.

Portopí’s lighthouse

It started to work in the early 14th century and today is the second oldest functioning lighthouse in Spain and the third in the world after the Tower of Hercules in A Coruña and the Lantern of Genoa.

curious facts about Mallorca, Portopí´s lighthouse


The mother of all rosettes

With dimensions of about 13 meters in diameter, the largest rosette of Palma Cathedral is the largest in the world among Gothic cathedrals. It is known as “the gothic eye”. It is composed of 1,236 crystals that allow the light to pass inwards.

The names of la Seu

La Seu is the name that the Cathedral of Santa Maria de Palma commonly receives. But this is not the only one. It is also known as “Cathedral of space”, because it is the Gothic temple with less stone and more space in the interior; “Cathedral of the Eucharist” because the apses of its three naves simultaneously create the world’s largest triptych on the Eucharistic mystery; and “Cathedral of Light” for its luminosity thanks to the windows and rosettes.

curious facts about Mallorca, Cathedral of Santa Maria de Palma

The snail and the dragon

They are not easy to see, but hidden in the facade of the city council of Palma you will be able to find a snail and a dragon. It is said that placing them there was the revenge of the builders against the mayor of the time who refused to acknowledge their work.

Surely there are not many Mallorcan people who know all this information about their own island. Now that you have learnt them, surprise others with these curious facts about Mallorca.

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