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7 Days in Menorca: tips and essential places

Seven days to visit Menorca, to live it and to fall in love with it. Long enough to generate dozens of memories and to take with you a bit of this wonderful island. Look no further, here is the perfect itinerary to not miss any of the magical corners of Menorca and squeeze it to the maximum during your stay.

The best idea for this route is to have a car or a motorcycle that allow you to be free to move from one place to another. Menorca is small, but in order to make the best out of your time it is advisable to have your own vehicle.

Check out this plan and adjust it to your preferences. Menorca has a lot to offer, and this list includes the must-go places. Nevertheless, we´ve prepared it so you have spare time to discover your own secret spots and practice any activity you want. Make this Menorca’s 7-day-plan yours!

Day 1. Cap de Cavallería and sunset at Monte Toro

Spend your first day in the island exploring the northern point of the island, the Cap de Cavalleria. Don’t miss neither the view from the lighthouse nor visiting Cala Cavalleria, one of the most beautiful on the island. From there, you can walk ten minutes by the famous Camí de Cavalls to Cala Mica, smaller and less crowded. In the afternoon we invite you to climb Monte Toro, the highest point of the island. From here you will enjoy the best views of Menorca and a beautiful sunset.

things to do in menorca, Monte Toro

Day 2. Cala Morell and Cuitadella

If you visit Menorca during summer you will want to enjoy its coves daily. For your second day on the island we propose to get to know Cala Morell, there you can take a dip from the threads and visit the Talayotic necropolis. In the afternoon, once you’ve had enough sun, head to Cuitadella. Take time to visit the cathedral, Borne Square, the castle of St. Nicholas and the port. If you want to indulge yourself, dine in one of the nice restaurants at the port.

things to do in menorca, Cala Morell

Cala Morell

Day 3. Cala Escorxada and Cova d’en Xoroi

It’s time to head south to Cala Escorxada. Due to its difficult access, it is one of the quietest on the island. Upon arrival you will find a small beach, with fine sand and crystalline waters of a very intense turquoise blue color. Enjoy it all morning, you have enough time. In the afternoon we propose to visit the immense Cova des Coloms: 300 meters long, 15 meters wide and 24 meters high. Finally, head towards Cova d’en Xoroi to enjoy a sunset over the sea. This natural cave is like a balcony to the Mediterranean where you can sit and have a drink or dinner.

things to do in menorca, Cala Escorxada

Day 4. Naveta des Tudons and Cala in Brut

Menorca is famous for its historical past, out of which the Talayotic culture is the main feature. If you feel like starting the day with a cultural visit, do not miss out on the Talayotic villages that are spread all over Menorca. The most prominent is the Naveta des Tudons, a funerary monument that has become the oldest building in Europe. After this, go enjoying the coves of Menorca again. If you feel bored of lying on the sand, go to Cala in Brut where you can jump into the water from the rocks at different heights.

things to do in menorca, Cala en Brut

Day 5. The most beautiful coves on the island

The coves of Turqueta, Macarella, Macarelleta and Mitjana are a must. Located very close to each other and each more beautiful than the previous. As you just have a few days left on the island, make sure you enjoy its paradisiacal beaches, turquoise waters and fine sand. Disconnect, relax and let yourself get carried through the most beautiful corners of the Mediterranean.

things to do in menorca, Cala Turqueta

Day 6. Snorkeling in Cala Tamarells and Port of Mahon

The seabed of Menorca is a real wonder. You will enjoy diving in almost any area of ??the coast but in Cala Tamarells, located at the heart of the Natural Park of S’Albufera des Grau, you will find one of the treasures of the island: a huge posidonia meadow that forms a small reef on its north side. After spending the day underwater, finish it by visit the city of Mahon. It´s the second largest natural harbor in the world. Make sure to enjoy its history and don’t forget to try the famous local Mahon cheese!

things to do in menorca, Cala Tamarells

Day 7. You choose!

There are few hours left for you to bid farewell to Menorca, so spend the day enjoying that corner that you have fallen in love with or simply resting on the sand contemplating the wonderful sea.

After these seven days in the island you will be able to say that you know Menorca, that you have seen its sunsets, that you have bathed in its crystalline waters and that you have tasted its flavor through its delicious gastronomy. You will be looking forward to going back!

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