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7 activities your children can’t miss in Mallorca

Let’s face it: children are the bosses of the house during holidays. Parents are more conditioned at time to planning the route, accommodation, activities… As the main objective of all the former is for children to have a great time. From a child’s point of view, Mallorca is a large-scale amusement park. The island does not lack activities and leisure designed for them.

The main island of the Balearic archipelago is one of the favorite destinations for families. Here you will find a mild climate, beautiful and safe beaches, nature, quality local gastronomic products and a great variety of activities and tourist attractions for all ages. We have made a selection of the best activities that your children can’t miss in Mallorca.


It’s one of the first European marine zoos and the most awarded dolphinarium in Spain is here. As it couldn’t be otherwise, their dolphin show is amazing! At Marineland you will also have the opportunity to see exotic birds, sea lions, flamingos, penguins, snakes… It also offers a pool with slides so children can take a dip with a direct access to the beach.

activities for children in Mallorca, Marineland

Soller Railway

To get to know the Sierra de la Tramuntana, there’s nothing better than taking the Soller railway. It will be a fun excursion, travelling to the past on a machine that was inaugurated in 1913. Through its windows you will enjoy the wonderful landscape of Mallorca’s famous sierra.

activities for children in Mallorca, Soller Railway

Jungle Parc Junior

In the middle of the forest, Jungle Parc Junior is an “acrobatic forest trail” designed for children aged 4 to 11. Adventurers will have to move from one tree to another (held by a security system) through bridges, nets, zip lines, etc. There are 6 circuits of different levels and heights, so that each child can enjoy at his own pace.

activities for children in Mallorca, Jungle Parc Junior

Natural Park of S’Albufera de Mallorca

It’s one of the best-preserved parks on the island, ideal for discovering the native fauna and flora. If your children like nature, this is the ideal place for them. Guided tours are offered in the Natural Park of S’Albufera, in order to know the surroundings and to discover its spectacular beaches.

activities for children in Mallorca,Natural Park of S'Albufera

Palma Aquarium

Mallorca’s aquarium is like a submarine where you’ll experience an amazing trip through the underwater world. Over 12,000 square feet and 5 million liters of water hide the largest collections of corals in all Europe with 275 species. Throughout its 55 tanks, you’ll find a reflection of the marine life throughout all the oceans and seas. 8,000 specimens of 700 different species and the deepest shark tank in Europe with 11 specimens complete this stunning location. As you probably guessed by now, the visit to Palma Aquarium is fundamental.

activities for children in Mallorca, Palma Aquarium

Paddle surf

Holidays are also for practicing sports, and paddle surf is the trendiest of them all. This activity, which mixes surfing and rowing, is suitable for people of all ages and requires no prior experience. Together with a monitor, dare to ride up on the board and to discover the island paddling by its coast.

activities for children in Mallorca, Paddle Surf

Sa Jugueta Museum

What child doesn’t like toys? In this museum you will find a collection of more than 3,000 pieces arrived from all over the world and from the 19th century to the present day. Sa Jugueta Museum  is a very interesting visit for your children to see how other children used to enjoy themselves in the past and maybe inspire them.

activities for children in Mallorca, Sa Jugueta Museum

Mallorca is a destination that guarantees fun and adventure in abundance. The little ones will enjoy the holidays like never before and the older ones will be delighted to see them smile from the first day to the last.

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