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Destinations to travel alone in each of the 6 continents

Travelling alone might be one of the most exciting experiences of your life, and something you’ll always remember. You just need to overcome the initial fear and buy a flight that will take you straight into adventure. Which will be you destination?

There are plenty of reasons for travelling alone: you´ll interact more with other people, grow as a person, broaden your mind, be more independent… Few will be the times when loneliness hits you, as you will let those surrounding you fill that space, wherever you are. This is an experience that will undoubtedly change you forever.

Feel convinced already? Here´s where the exciting part comes: choose your destination! Choosing isn’t easy, as the options are countless. However, it´s important (especially if this is your first time traveling alone) that you look for a place where you can feel calm and safe. For that, we have made a selection of 6 ideal destinations, one in each of the 6 continents, for solo travelers.

Oceania: New Zealand

If you want to feel that you have visited several parts of the world in one single trip, NZ is your place. The variety of landscapes will leave you speechless: volcanoes, tropical forests, fjords, glaciers … The perfect place for lovers of freedom and nature!

Destinations to travel alone, New Zealand

Why do we recommend this destination for people traveling alone? Because the locals are especially friendly and it is one of the safest countries in the world; so you can tour New Zealand with total peace enjoying their hospitality.

Asia: Japan

To experience a different and interesting culture, travel to Japan. Not only its history is exciting, but also all the actual Japanese culture that has little in common with ours. Let yourself get carried away by this wonderful country.

Destinations to travel alone, Japan

You will be surprised by the hospitality and politeness of the Japanese; especially if you stay away from the big cities. Although you won’t understand each other in most cases, they will do everything possible so that communication flows between you and they will want to help you at all costs. For this reason, Japan is a very safe country.

Europe: Denmark

Don’t you want to visit the country that was named for five consecutive years the happiest in the world? This is the homeland of the trendy hygge philosophy, which is based on enjoying the small pleasures of life to the fullest. The Danes and their way of living will make you enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Destinations to travel alone, Denmark

The capital, Copenhagen, is one of the greenest cities on Earth, with beautiful canals and avant-garde buildings that combine with the more traditional ones. It is perfect for cycling.

America: Costa Rica

“Pure life”, this Costa Rica´s national motto. And they have reason for it: its nature alone is 5% of the whole planet’s biodiversity. So you can be sure that you will enjoy seeing animals, plants and tropical forests that you will be unable to forget. Step into the heart of Central America and experience the joy and positivity of its people.

Destinations to travel alone, Costa Rica

The country’s size is perfect for traveling quickly, simply and enjoying the scenery with calm.

Africa: South Africa

South Africa is one of the safest countries on the continent, although its capital Johannesburg can be dangerous depending where you go. Even so, by keeping the typical safety rules you will enjoy your trip alone without any problem.

Destinations to travel alone, South Afrika

You’ll love this country for its diversity and natural beauty. In addition, it has one of the best lodging systems in the world, so take advantage!


Dare to travel alone on the sixth continent and discover the most remote and coldest place on Earth. Visiting the South Pole, today, is much easier and more comfortable than one could imagine, as there are luxury cruises that will take you from one side to the other in complete safety.

Destinations to travel alone, Antarctica

These cruises usually depart from Ushuaia (Argentina) or Chile to explore the northern part of the Antarctic Peninsula. You will visit the most remote places of the world, you will see colonies of penguins and navigate between great moles of ice. This said, if you decide to go you better get your credit card ready because these trips are far from cheap!

Now that you have all the information… which part of the world will you visit first?

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