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5 best restaurants in Palma to try rice during your next visit

Rice is undoubtedly one of the highlights of Spanish gastronomy and it’s recognized worldwide. Paella, boiled rice, with lobster… there are so many ways to prepare it that you could write several recipe books about it. However, it is not an easy dish to prepare, as you have to control every detail and cook it to the exact point to make it really tasty.

That’s why, when it comes to eating rice it’s important to know where to go. There are many areas in Spain with a great rice tradition and, without a doubt, Mallorca is one of them. On the island you can enjoy one of the most delicious dishes of Spanish cuisine. Take note of the best restaurants to try rice in Palma de Mallorca.

El Bungalow

In this restaurant of the capital you will find a great variety of rices: cod, black, squid and red prawn, with snails and rabbit, baked, with duck and boletus … and of course the paellas of a lifetime. All of them very famous. In addition, in El Bungalow you will enjoy one of the best panoramic views of the Bay. The best time to is at sunset.

Sa Roqueta

Over their more than 30 years of life, this restaurant has managed to maintain the quality and fame of their rice dishes. Their specialty is cararolí rice, made with spaghetti and artichokes, and the lobster rice. In Sa Roqueta you will taste one of the best rice dishes on the island.

Safra 21

The Mayol family, who runs the place, is an expert in cooking rice. More than 30 years of experience endorse it and that’s why they have become one of the places of pilgrimage of the capital of the island to taste this dish. They have an extensive menu of paellas and mellow rice, being the highlights the Majorcan octopus paella and the one with black pork sobrasada, local sausage and mushrooms. The quality at Safrá 21 is unsurpassed.

Il Paradiso Marivent

It is the ideal place to enjoy a romantic evening thanks to its unique view of the sea of ??Mavirent, one of the best postcards on the island. This restaurant has the peculiarity of being frequented by Italian chefs who came to Palma from Sweden, and specialized in rice dishes with Mediterranean aroma but following the Italian tradition. At Il Paradiso Marivent, the great variety of risottos and the special paella of the Paradiso stand out.

Casa Rufino

Being a little away from Palma has not prevented it from becoming one of the places of reference for trying rice. Their recipes are classic, made from fresh products from the island. The seafood paella is a guaranteed success in Casa Rufino.

In the capital and its surroundings you can enjoy the best rice dishes on the island. Try, savor and enjoy one of the most famous dishes of Spanish cuisine.

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