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17 essential destinations to travel during Christmas

Christmas is coming, the well deserved holidays we look forward to since summer ended. We can take use these days to make a break, for example, looking for the heat or to enjoy the lights and the Christmas markets that take over some European cities.

Traveling at Christmas is becoming more and more frequent. Many people receive Santa Claus at a ski resort, others have the typical (at least in Spain) grapes in a large city abroad, and some even choose to receive the new year sunbathing. Some people prefer to spend this time with the family, others with friends and some with their significant other; but in all of the cases, traveling during this time of the year is a different way of living the holidays a few kilometers away from home.

If recently we recommended the most beautiful places to visit during Fall, now we give you a list with the best Christmas destinations.

1. Cologne

The Christmas markets of Cologne are simply spectacular. There are several scattered around the city with small wooden houses that sell crafts and serve the typical hot wine. Do not forget to visit, also, the cathedral of the city as it is the most visited monument in Germany, the tallest Gothic building in the world and it houses the bones of the Three Wise Men.

destinations to travel during christmas, Cologne

2. Mallorca

Nativity scenes, Christmas markets … the island dresses up during holidays. Strolling through its cities, its towns and letting yourself get infected by the Mallorcan Christmas spirit is fundamental. Also, you can not miss the annual Christmas swim in the port of Palma. Find accommodation, book your tickets and enjoy!

destinations to travel during christmas, Mallorca

3. Tenerife

In order to escape from the cold and enjoy about 20 degrees of average temperature, you just have to take a direct plane to the Canary Islands. We recommend Tenerife, an island that is alive and will amaze you due to its nature and beaches.

destinations to travel during christmas, Tenerife

4. Madrid

The Christmas lighting in Madrid is an attraction itself. The lights of some streets like Goya, Gran Vía, Velázquez os Princesa will surprise you. And if you’re traveling with children you can’t miss Cortylandia, installed on one of the facades of El Corte Inglés on Gran Vía, which offers a children’s show of music and dancing dolls.

destinations to travel during christmas, Madrid

5. Rovaniemi

Another Christmas destination par excellence is this small region in northern Finland where Santa Claus lives. You can greet him, meet his elves and visit his house. An unforgettable experience! Of course, you must be prepared to withstand the temperatures and snows of the Arctic.

destinations to travel during christmas, Rovaniemi

6. Disneyland Paris

Without a doubt, a trip that the youngest of the family will never forget. The Christmas decoration of the park is pure magic and the special shows do not leave anyone indifferent, be it young or old.

destinations to travel during christmas, Dsneyland Paris

7. Prague

If the capital of the Czech Republic is beautiful all year round, at Christmas it breathes beauty. The streets of its old town illuminated, the small cafes where to warm up with a fresh chocolate, the romanticism of the Charles Bridge … Highly recommended!

destinations to travel during christmas, Prague

8. New York

Traveling during Christmas to New York is like moving, immediately, to the stage of a Christmas movie. The famous ice rink of Central Park, the Rockefeller Center tree, the lights of the city, the snow covering the streets … If you have the opportunity to visit the big apple on these dates, do not hesitate!

destinations to travel during christmas, New York

9. Tromso

The winter months are the best moment to see northern lights and, if this is your goal, then you have to go to Tromso in northern Norway. Due to its conditions, this area is one of the best in the world to see the northern lights. Take advantage of the visit to go for a ride on a sled pulled by dogs or see reindeer in their own environment.

destinations to travel during christmas, Tromso (Norwegen)

10. Sierra Nevada

If snow is what you are looking for, in Sierra Nevada you will find the ideal destination for your Christmas holidays. Skiing tracks for all levels, courses for children and kindergarten for the little ones. A trip the whole family will enjoy!

destinations to travel during christmas, Sierra Nevada (Granada)

11. London

Get excited about the London Christmas spirit. Enjoy Winter Wonderland, a fair with ferris wheel and Christmas market in Hyde Park; Hop on a pair of skates on the ice rink of the Natural History Museum and sing Christmas carols under the giant spruce of Trafalgar Square.

destinations to travel during christmas, London

12. Sidney

If you have enough holidays to go to the other extreme of the world, you can travel to the Australian capital and be the first to receive the new year and, better yet, in a swimsuit. Without a doubt, a very different Christmas.

destinations to travel during christmas, Sidney

13. Andorra

Another interesting Christmas destination can be Andorra, the perfect combination of leisure and snow for lovers of winter sports. Take the opportunity to visit Caldea, the famous thermal center, to relax and unwind during your holidays.

destinations to travel during christmas, Andorra

14. Tallin

Many say that Christmas in the Estonian capital is like something out of a fairy tale. In the old town there is no shortage of live music, street markets and hot wine that helps to beat the cold.

destinations to travel during christmas, Tallin

15. Copenhagen

Danes like Christmas so much they even put a tree on the airport runway. Use these dates to visit the city and go to the Gardens of Tivoli, the oldest theme park in the world that opens its doors in December turned into a Christmas village.

destinations to travel during christmas, Copenhagen

16. Barcelona

Celebrate Christmas swimming in the port of Barcelona on December 25 with hundreds of people. If you like to live new experiences and aren’t afraid of the cold, head to Barcelona and don’t forget to include the swimsuit in your suitcase!

destinations to travel during christmas, Barcelona

17. Tokyo

Even if you’re not a fan of Christmas, there’s a perfect place for you during this time of the year. Take a plane to Tokyo and forget the traditions, foods, grapes .. and simply enjoy and amazing city.

destinations to travel during christmas, Tokyo

Stop hesitating and book your trip during Christmas! You will live a different holiday and, most importantly, will start (or finish) the year in the best possible way.


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