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15 tricks to travel cheap and save during your trip

Any trip can be adapted to different budgets. The cost of a week in New York can reach three, four or five figures according to what each one wants. The key is to play with different budget items that significantly increase or reduce the final number.

In case that we want to make a low cost getaway, there are a number of tricks for traveling in a more economic way. Applying them does not mean your trip will lose interest; on the contrary, in some cases this will push you to discover different faces of your destination.

Discover how to save on your trip with these 15 tricks:

Buy cheap tickets

Plane tickets can be one of the most important expenses of the entire trip; therefore, it is important to try to book the cheapest flights possible. Be flexible on dates, make some layovers and take the schedules that nobody wants.

Do not reserve a seat on the plane

Pay attention when you buy your tickets because many airlines will charge you an additional cost for the seat reservation.

Avoid checking in luggage and excess weight

If you are traveling with a low cost airline, either of these two things will cost you a lot of money. Take just and necessary and save by traveling with carry-on luggage.

tricks to travel cheap

Walk as much as you can

The best and cheapest, way to get to know a city is by foot. So, unless it is necessary, move without the bus, the metro and, of course, the taxis.

tricks to travel cheap

Save money on means of transport

If you visit a city where the distances are very large and you can’t cover it on foot, look for a card or voucher that allows you to make the best out of your money.

Carry supplies

It’s never a bad idea to carry some food in your suitcase; either to have a little snack on the plane or for breakfast some day during our stay. It´s one of the best ways to save on a trip.

Buy food in supermarkets

If we can´t take food in our suitcase, upon arrival we can visit a supermarket to get some food that we can store in the room and use it for saving on breakfast or dinner.

Eat cheap

Another trick for traveling cheap is to eat in street stalls or the places that the locals recommend; it will most likely mean a few less euros in your expenses sheet.

tricks to travel cheap

Avoid the touristiest places

The buses that make tours of the city, the gift shops … are the typical places designed for tourists to spend money. Try to stay away from them!

Avoid guided tours

They are expensive and, sometimes, unnecessary. There are options in many cities to do free tours with locals that show you the city in exchange for tips.

Change money outside the airport

Commissions at airports tend to be much higher. Go to the exchange offices or consult the rates of the ATMs abroad.

Visit museums in the days of free entrance

Some museums offer a day of open doors every week, so you can visit it without paying entrance.

Accumulate points

Another trick to travel cheap is to register in the airlines´ loyalty programs. As you travel, you will receive points that you can redeem for free flights.

Look for the urban bus that runs downtown

It exists in most places and is a much cheaper alternative to any tourist bus.

Adjust tips

There are countries where tips are required and others where not. Check it beforehand to have a better control of your expenses.

With these 15 tricks to travel cheap you can reduce costs and adapt the trip to your budget. Use your imagination and you will find a way to get to your destination and enjoy it for less money.

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