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10 rules to keep in mind in order to practice Sustainable Tourism

When travelling… do you think about the environmental footprint you’re leaving behind? Tourism has an impact on the planet, although sometimes we might not be aware of it. Overexploitation of cities, gases emitted to the atmosphere by vehicles, consumption of resources… However, a new way of sustainable tourism has been born as an alternative to travel and respect the environment at the same time.

But, what does “sustainable tourism” mean? It is supposed to be the one that takes into account the current and future repercussions (economic, social and environmental) in order to control them but still fulfilling the needs of visitors, industry, the environment and host communities.

In other words, it is about traveling but trying to make a low impact on the environment and the local culture. Without stopping, of course, contributing to the economy and employment of the society that is welcoming us.

More and more travelers are progressively betting on sustainable tourism. According to a survey conducted by Booking, 68% of respondents prefer to stay in a sustainable hotel and 79% are concerned about the impact of the means of transport used when traveling.

This trend is due to the global increase awareness about the environment. Tourists are beginning to realize the footprint they leave behind and demand a change in the rules of the game. In this regard, the United Nations have also decided to declare 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development and thus spread the importance of responsible tourism.

If you are concerned about the environment, consider these recommendations by Biodiversity Foundation for your next trip:

  1. When planning your trip, choose those suppliers who offer you guarantees of quality and respect for the environment.
  2. Use natural resources with measure: water, energy…
  3. Try to minimize the generation of waste.
  4. When disposing waste, do it as cleanly as possible. Always recycle.
  5. When you visit a natural space, do not leave any garbage behind.
  6. Find out how to make the least possible impact on sensitive places such as reefs or jungles.
  7. Help the local economy by buying gifts or souvenirs in small shops.
  8. Do not disturb the flora and fauna; especially in the case of protected species.
  9. Respect the traditions, culture and gastronomy of local people.
  10. Try to contribute with your presence to the development of responsible and sustainable tourism, building with your trip a healthier and more solid planet.

Follow these tips at your destination and travel sustainably. The place you visit and the planet itself will thank you.

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