die Innenhöfe von Palma de Mallorca

Route through the courtyard of Palma de Mallorca

Courtyard are places of peace and silence. They transmit tranquility and transport us to remote times of clear medieval flavour, endowing with an exquisite and unique personality to the center of the Mallorcan capital. The courtyard of Palma de Mallorca stand out for their sobriety, their elegance and a plastic beauty which are difficult to match. Do you […]

Mallorca in der Nebensaison

What is left to do in Mallorca when the summer ends?

Those who think that Mallorca is limited to its numerous and splendid beaches are very wrong; or that there is little to do and to see on the island outside of the summer months. There are many activities to enjoy in Mallorca when the summer ends. This is because the mildness and particularities of its […]

Familienwochenende auf Mallorca

The best ideas for a family weekend in Mallorca

Attention please, a question: if you had to choose one day of the week, which one would you choose? Surely a very high percentage will answer that they’d choose Friday, Saturday or Sunday. As soon as the weekend approaches the whole family starts to smile because we all know that we have more than 48 […]

Monte Toro

Monte Toro, the highest point of Menorca

358 metres of altitude may not seem to be much for a mountain, but if it is located on a Mediterranean island of less than 700 square kilometers, it is. From the top of it you can see the entire perimeter of the island of Menorca, and on clear days you can even see the […]

Es Trenc

Es Trenc: the most beautiful beach in Mallorca

Sea-sand-sun lovers cannot fail to visit what is undoubtedly the most beautiful beach in Mallorca: Es Trenc. Or at least, it is one of the most famous ones; and possibly the most iconic one: its turquoise waters, its shining white sand and its environment have made it one of the 10 most ” instagrammed ” […]


Valldemossa, a beautiful cobblestone village

Between the sea and the mountains, between the Mediterranean and the Tramuntana, you will find one of the most beautiful villages, not only of Mallorca, but of the entire Balearic Islands. Its name is Valldemossa, and its cobblestone streets full of colourful post and tiles, in honour of Santa Catalina, leave no one indifferent. Do […]

Mallorca without stepping on a beach

What to do in Mallorca without stepping on a beach: the other side of the island

We are ready to meet the other Mallorca; the one that is outside the usual tourist circuit. Places that are often only known by the Majorcans. Natural treasures or vestiges of the past. We propose a handful of alternative routes to get to know the heart of the island; tours throughout Mallorca without stepping on a beach. Are you coming? Albufera de Mallorca The Albufera de Mallorca […]

mallorca guide

The first guide in which the locals show you Majorca

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dónde hacer coasteering en Mallorca

Places in Mallorca where to practice coasteering

Attention lovers of the sea, the mountains and adventure sports: the coasteering has reached our coastline and is most likely going to stay! The Mallorcan coast is one of the best places in the world to practice this discipline that combines up to 8 sports in 1. See: hiking, climbing, high water jumps, speleology, abseiling, […]


Are we going to Menorca? Let’s get lost in Fornells

We continue to discover, little by little, the most charming towns of Menorca, its most beautiful villages. In this case, we stop in the town of Fornells. Located in the northern part of the island, it is dominated by its majestic defense tower; besides, among many other things, it is a must for lovers of lobster stew. Let’s go! Located in the extreme […]

idyllische Orte auf Menorca

10 idyllic places in Menorca that make you want to travel

If the dictionaries had illustrations, when looking for the word “paradise”, next to its definition the image of one of those Minorcan corners where the senses are enhanced and time seems to stop should appear. Although we could prepare a very long list, we wanted to select 10 idyllic places in Menorca that made it […]

where to find the perfect ensaimada

Places in Mallorca where to find the perfect ensaimada

Water, flour, sourdough, eggs, yeast, sugar and lard. Nothing more, nothing less. These are the basic ingredients of the undoubted queen of traditional pastry of Mallorca: the ensaimada. But be careful: this snail-shaped bun can turn you crazy. Either in large format (those huge boxes that invade the planes which depart from the island towards […]

Die besten Brunch auf Mallorca

The best brunch spots in Mallorca. Enjoy your meal!

Brunch: mixture of breakfast and lunch; or, if you prefer, the classic late Sunday breakfast (usually post-hangover). A custom of long-standing “foodies” outside our country that is slowly imposing itself here. Mallorca, with its high percentage of visitors and residents of the United Kingdom and Germany (countries that conscientiously cultivate good brunch), could not be […]

Das britische Vermächtnis in Menorca

The British legacy in Menorca that still remains on the island

If something was relevant during the 18th Century in Menorca it was the presence that the British crown had on the island for almost a whole century. More than 70 years that left a mark which the passing of time has not managed to erase. The War of Spanish Succession officially left -after the Treaty […]

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