playlists to run

10 perfect Spotify playlists to run to in Mallorca

Sport and music are a simple but successful combination. Practicing any type of exercise accompanied by good songs will give you an energy boost to keep going and automatically draw a smile on your face. We suggest that you immediately put your headphones on, grab your sneakers, and start running around Mallorca. Can you think […]

best cafes in Mallorca

The best cafes in Mallorca to drink something warm this winter

There are few things as pleasant as sheltering from the cold in a cozy coffee shop and drinking a hot coffee to warm up. Holding the cup with your hands, enjoying its aroma and feeling how, little by little, a feeling of well-being floods us. And although winter here is not very hard, in the […]

playas de Menorca para ir con perros

4 beaches in Menorca to go with your dog

The Balearic Islands are in for the pet-friendly movement and more and more beaches of the archipelago admit nowadays the presence of dogs in the sand. In Menorca, in particular, there are a total of 4 coves where your pet can officially accompany you. This is mainly because more and more people want to enjoy […]

schönsten Dörfer Menorcas

Magical towns in Menorca you won’t ever want to leave

There are places that remain in the memory of a traveler and suddenly unleash the need to return and visit them again. We all have those special corners that dazzled us because of their beauty, their environment or the kindness of their people. After visiting the Balearic Islands, you won’t be able to avoid adding […]

route of Mallorca´s almond trees

Spring in Mallorca: The best routes of the almond trees in bloom

Between January and February, Mallorca is covered in white with the flowering of the almonds. The landscape is dyed in light tones that tend to pink and the air gives off a sweet aroma. This fleeting picture has attracted many artists to the island who wanted to capture this beautiful image. If you also want […]

Unternehmungen den Valentinstag ohne Partner

The best places in Mallorca to spend Valentine’s Day (without a partner)

Once again, February 14 is coming and you´re wondering: what to do on Valentine’s Day alone? Not having a partner this day of the year is not a problem, in fact you should use it to organize your own getaway and dedicate time to yourself and have fun. If this sounds good, we recommend you to […]

sportlichen Wettbewerbe

Sport events you can’t miss this year

The sport calendar for 2018 is loaded with exciting and very promising events, inside and outside our borders. Whether you are an inveterate athlete who loves competition in any discipline, or if you are simply an amateur spectator … check out this list with the sport events not to miss this year! Get your agenda […]

mallorca guide

The first guide in which the locals show you Majorca

Download the guide
Ratschläge für Reisefotos

Do you follow these tips for your travel photos?

Photographs are some of the best memories we´ll have of any trip. The images capture unique moments and help us to relive that magic second for a long time afterwards. To get the best snapshots, it is useful to learn certain photography tips. The most important part is to be excited and to try and […]

Reiseziele für ein langes Wochenende

20 destinations for a long weekend

Every year the calendar offers some official bank holidays that will allow us to make short trips to different destinations and relax, even if it’s only for a few days. It´s, without a doubt, the perfect opportunity to grab your suitcase and go out in search of new experiences. Depending on how the calendar fits, […]

Tipps zum Alleinreisen

30 tips for traveling alone (+ Checklist)

Taking a lonely trip for the first time is probably one of the most exciting adventures a person can experience. The experience will push you to dispel many fears, to relate to different people and to challenge yourself every day. It will be the first trip, but surely not the last one. Will you feel […]

was ist aktiver Tourismus

What is active tourism and which are the best places in Spain to practice it

In recent years tourism in Spain has experienced a great evolution offering different alternatives to traditional sun and beach holidays. One of them is active tourism whose main objective is to carry out activities in natural environments that require a certain level of physical effort. Therefore, what is active tourism or how is it defined? […]

besten Wellness Hotels in Spanien

The 17 best spa hotels in Spain

The Romans and the Arabs already saw in water all its healing properties and took advantage of its benefits for years in their baths. Currently, when water is used as a treatment for medical or therapeutic purposes it´s known as hydrotherapy. This is used, mainly, in spas or thermal centers. A simple bath in a […]

besten Orte für einen sportlichen Urlaub

The 20 best places for adventure holidays

For many, the holidays are not for resting and lying under the sun; On the contrary, they prefer to stay active and exercise in a new and different place. For that kind of people, holidays are the perfect time of the year to dedicate time to what they really love: practicing sports. If you are […]

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