Surf in Menorca

Surf in Menorca: a secret that not everyone knows

Menorca is a real paradise of beaches, stunning landscape and excellent gastronomy. Beautiful villages, unforgettable boat trips, a perfect place to practice water sports… like surfing for example. You heard correct, surfing. Despite Menorca is not well known to be a top destination for surfers, it is still a great place where to practice it. […]

one day in palma

One day in Palma de Mallorca: things to do and see in the city

24 hours is more than enough time to see most of Mallorca. You can stroll through the downtown neighbourhoods, explore the cathedral, walk towards Bellver Castle, get a real taste of Mallorcan traditional food… and all of this excluding the beach. Today we are going to tell you in which way you can spend one […]

classic spanish dishes

Discover the classic Spanish dishes you should try

Today we introduce you to a particular trip through Spain. It will not be by land, sea or air, but through tablecloths and cutlery. We are going to make you discover the classic Spanish dishes. Make sure not to read this whilst you are hungry. Caldereta de langosta – Menorca Menorca wouldn’t be the same […]

Parques Nacionales más impresionantes de España

The best National Parks in Spain

If you are looking to spend quality time immersed in nature, pure air and freedom then this is the right place. Luckily Spain is full of spectacular mountains, amazing landscapes, glacial lakes and flora and fauna unique to its kind. For this reason, today we are going to present you the most impressive National Parks […]

golf courses in Mallorca

The best golf courses in Mallorca

By now you should know that Mallorca is much more than just sun and beach. The thousands and thousands of tourists who decide to travel to this beautiful island are especially attracted to the opportunity to pursue different sports during their holidays. In this case, if you are a golf lover, then you absolutely need […]

holidays in May

10 ideas for enjoying your holidays in May in Spain

May is known by many as being one of the best months to organize trips and travel around the world. Mostly thanks to its stunning weather, many people feel encouraged to get in the car,  plane or train and travel towards new destinations. Luckily during this month Spain has many plans to offer to the […]

Best restaurants in Menorca

Menorca’s ideal restaurants to go with your partner

It’s no secret that Menorca’s cuisine is excellent. Dining with your better half in a tasty restaurant under the moonlight can be the perfect way to give a romantic touch to your trip. We want to help you make this come true. In this post we are going to tell you the best restaurants you […]

mallorca guide

The first guide in which the locals show you Majorca

Download the guide
horse riding in Mallorca

Best equestrian routes in Mallorca

Until now we mentioned the best ways you can get to know Mallorca on foot, running, by motorcycle, bike and by car. But we never mentioned you how wonderful it is to discover Mallorca by horse. Today we want to show you the best equestrian routes in Mallorca. The Randa vineyards route Just 30km away […]

places to visit in Spain

20 best places to visit in Spain

The number of places in Spain that you should visit are impossible to count. With this post we made a huge effort in choosing the top 20 places or monuments in Spain that you should visit at least once during your lifetime. Alhambra – Granada There is not a lot to say about this magical […]

tricks to find the perfect hotel

15 tricks to find the perfect hotel

Are you thinking about taking some time off and organizing a lovely trip somewhere you have never been before? If so you will see that there will be many things that you have to take in consideration when doing so. Surely what you want is to organize the perfect trip: somewhere amazing and for a […]

boat trips in Menorca

The best boat trips in Menorca

Sailing can give you a sense of freedom like very few other things in life. If you are not used to this particular feeling, don’t worry. Menorca is the perfect island to organize marvellous boat trips. Here you will find the best locations and routes you can visit by boat. However, before you start sailing, […]

road trip through Mallorca

7 day road trip through Mallorca

Exploring Mallorca by car is a must. This is the rule. It is the best way to see the island from top to bottom. So as soon as you arrive rent a car because you will need it to travel around Mallorca in 7 days and visit the most stunning places throughout the entire island. […]

neighborhood of Santa Catalina

Discover Palma de Mallorca’s most trendy neighbour: Santa Catalina

Also known as “Soho Balear” due to its great gastronomic and cultural heritage, the neighbourhood of Santa Catalina is surely the most charming and animated district of Palma. The municipal market surely is the most interesting location, perfect if you want to taste some excellent traditional local food and enjoy some refreshing beers. This is […]

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