The most amazing caves of the Balearic Islands worth a visit

The beauty of the landscapes on the surface is indisputable but, underground, treasures are hidden in the form of caves.

5 places in Palma to try rice during your next visit

Rice is undoubtedly one of the highlights of Spanish gastronomy and it’s recognized worldwide. Paella, boiled rice, with lobster … there are so many ways to prepare it that you could write several recipe books about it. However, it is not an easy dish to prepare, as you have to control every detail and cook […]

6 family activities in Mallorca’s sierra

Mallorca is the perfect combination between beach and mountain; especially for families who like to have a bit of both during their holidays. After exploring the coves of the island, there is nothing better than driving inland and discovering the mountains and small villages. When this time comes, you must head towards the Sierra de […]

7 Typical Mallorcan Dishes

Mallorca will shake up all five of your senses from the very beginning, but this will cause particular delight in one of them: your taste. Your palate will surrender to the fresh and intense flavors of Mallorcan cuisine. The traditional recipes combined with natural ingredients from the island make for dishes you will never forget. […]

Mallorca or Menorca: Which one suits you better?

Two similar but very different islands. Mallorca and Menorca, despite their proximity, each has its own charm. The first one is bigger, offers a greater number of services and has more than 200 beaches; the other has always been the younger sister, chilled, secretive, with fewer coves but with many charming villages. Which island is […]

Types of species you will spot diving in the Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands are one of the favorite places for diving enthusiasts, as the seabed surrounding the islands is rich in species and underwater landscapes. To immerse in its crystalline waters illuminated by the sun is a unique experience in which you have to keep your eyes wide open as you never know which species […]

10 tips for your first time diving

For divers, the world is twice as big than for regular people. The sea is so big, it offers so much to explore and it’s so different from anything else you’ve seen before…

The first guide in which the locals show you Majorca

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