Discover where to stay in Mallorca and Menorca

Where to stay in Mallorca and Menorca according to your type of trip

Your accommodation is extremely important on a trip. During your stay it becomes your home and your refuge to rest after a day exploring new locations. It must be a place that makes you feel comfortable and, of course, that meets all your expectations. When deciding where to stay in Mallorca and Menorca you´ll have […]

curiosidades baleares

Curiosities of the Balearic Islands that you can’t miss

Getting out of the established routes, searching the history of the islands, talking with the locals … that´s definitely the best way to get to know all the curiosities of the Balearic Islands that do not come in the travel guides. The secrets that many don’t know are those that will make you come back […]

overcome fear fly

How to overcome the fear of flying in 7 steps and not miss any destination

The engines roar, the plane accelerates and suddenly you are in the air. In that moment the nerves, the anxiety, the cold sweats begin … yes, it seems like you’re afraid to fly. One in every three people suffer. This fear often spoils the excitement of getting on a plane knowing that, in a few […]

tips to travel by bike

12 tips to prepare a perfect bicycle trip

Traveling by bicycle allows you to enjoy the environment freely, to travel the world feeling the wind on your face through uncrowded roads. Cycling is for those who like to go at their own pace, improvise and get carried away. More and more people feel encouraged every day to leave aside the conventional transports and […]

tricks to travel cheap

15 tricks to travel cheap and save during your trip

Any trip can be adapted to different budgets. The cost of a week in New York can reach three, four or five figures according to what each one wants. The key is to play with different budget items that significantly increase or reduce the final number. In case that we want to make a low […]


15 activities that you should not miss in Mallorca during autumn and winter

Autumn in Mallorca is like a second spring and winter runs smooth and calm. From September to March, although maybe going to the beach is no longer an option, you can do endless activities on the main island of the Balearic archipelago. If you are looking for relaxation, disconnection and leisure consider coming to Mallorca […]


The 10 best destinations to travel during autumn

When the temperatures drop and the leaves of the trees begin to fall, it is time to pack. Autumn is a wonderful time to travel or making small getaways: destinations are calmer, the landscape is dyed with new colors and the weather is still nice enough to spend time outdoors. If you have chosen this […]

The first guide in which the locals show you Majorca

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7 Days in Menorca: tips and essential places

Seven days to visit Menorca, to live it and to fall in love with it. Long enough to generate dozens of memories and to take with you a bit of this wonderful island. Look no further, here is the perfect itinerary to not miss any of the magical corners of Menorca and squeeze it to […]

The best motorcycle routes in Mallorca

The experience of traveling by motorbike is not similar at all to driving. On two wheels you’ll become one with the surroundings. You’ll feel the wind on your skin, the speed, the curves of the road… Is there a better form of discovering a new place than by connecting with it in such a way? […]

7 activities your children can’t miss in Mallorca

Let’s face it: children are the bosses of the house during holidays. Parents are more conditioned at time to planning the route, accommodation, activities… As the main objective of all the former is for children to have a great time. From a child’s point of view, Mallorca is a large-scale amusement park. The island does […]

10 rules to keep in mind in order to practice Sustainable Tourism

When travelling… do you think about the environmental footprint you’re leaving behind? Tourism has an impact on the planet, although sometimes we might not be aware of it. Overexploitation of cities, gases emitted to the atmosphere by vehicles, consumption of resources… However, a new way of sustainable tourism has been born as an alternative to […]

8 curious facts about Mallorca you probably didn’t know

Mallorca is an island that never stops surprising. Not only for its landscapes and beaches, but also for all the history and culture it has to offer. Wherever you go you will not miss out on curious facts and incredible anecdotes that do not always appear in travel guides. If you are the type of […]

Mallorca’s best beach clubs

Sunbathing on a comfortable hammock while you are served a cocktail is the kind of luxury that you can get in the beach clubs of Mallorca. Or, if you prefer, going out in the evening to have a drink and dine the most exclusive dishes by the sea. Beach clubs receive, throughout the day, those […]

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