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Our corporate philosophy is centred on teamwork; we have a great sports team and staff whose dedication and commitment make Ferrer Hotels possible. And for this reason, we believe that a really great team deserves an equally great mascot.

We therefore embarked on the search for a mascot that would not only transmit the right image, but would also fit in with our values and our essence. This exacting search eventually led us to embark on a charity project that has made us as important for our mascot as it is for us. This is the philosophy behind’Ferreret’, the Hotels Ferrer official mascot and which will be accompanying us on all our ventures.

When Ferrer Hotels learnt about the history of the ferreret, its current situation and the characteristics that define it, we were immediately won over and knew straightaway that it was destined to become our mascot.

The ferreret is a tiny toad that is endemic to Majorca (which means it can only be found on the island). Known in English as the Majorcan midwife toad, it is only on this island that the remains of ferreret skeletons have been discovered, dating back to the days before the Roman colonisation.

This unique Majorcan toad is renowned for its athletic nature. It inhabits the sheer walls of the ravines that have emerged in the Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range on the island of Majorca and in order to survive it is forced to jump, swim and climb, making it an outstanding sprinter.

Furthermore, this toad has a strong sense of family. Although it only lays a few eggs, once they are laid, it will never abandon them: indeed, until they hatch, the male ferreret will carry them with him at all times, tied by a cord.

These habits, which have so much in common with the values of Ferrer Hotels, based on sports and family, meant that it was inevitable that the ferreret would become our mascot. And so it was. Yet as the ferreret was doing so much for us, we also wanted to do something to help this tiny amphibian. Whilst researching our new mascot, we discovered that the ferreret has been listed in Spain’s National Catalogue of Endangered Species (CNEA in its Spanish initials) since 1991.

What’s more, its discovery was one of the most important for European science in the last 25 years. It was therefore obvious that we had to do something to help our mascot, so Ferrer Hotels implemented a corporate social responsibility plan whereby the money raised from activities it sponsored or organised would be donated to a fund for the conservation of the ferreret, set up in collaboration with the local university, Universitat de les Illes Balears.s.

The ferreret has once again proved that it is the perfect mascot for Ferrer Hotels, as in addition to representing us thanks to its outstanding qualities, it has also given us the chance to play an active role in another of our major concerns: caring for and conserving our beloved island of Majorca.

Caring for and conserving our beloved island of Majorca.


Electricity from renewable sources

At Ferrer Hotels, we care a lot about sustainable development and caring for our planet, and that is why we are always looking for new ways to contribute our grain of sand to achieve a better environmental future. Our last initiative in this regard has been to work solely and exclusively with renewable energy sources, and this in each and every one of our hotels since September 2017.

With this initiative, we collaborate a little more with respect for the environment, reducing even more CO2 emissions. To do this, we have developed what will now be our ecological logo, with which we will identify all the hotels in our chain that are adopting this energy supply policy.

We know that it is only in our hands to protect the environment and in Ferrer Hotels we want to take the reins to pursue this goal.

Travel Gold Award

Our quality standards, an absolute must

At Ferrer Hotels, maintaining our strict quality standards is essential. For this reason we strive each day not only to ensure our guests' total satisfaction, but also to obtain the certificates and guarantees that reflect our status as a prestigious hotel chain.

An example of this is the Travelife Gold award we received in October 2015 following the improvements made to the hotels in our chain.

Blue Flag

Our Son Bauló beach

Blue Flags are awarded annually by the European Foundation for Environmental Education to beaches and marinas that meet a number of environmental requirements and provide a series of services. Last August, Son Bauló beach, which is situated just opposite the Ferrer Concord, received this award.

Charity convention

Health and Ecological Awareness

The Health and Ecological Awareness Charity Convention is an annual event organised by Ferrer Hotels in favour of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation. Over the course of a weekend, the convention brings together major speakers who provide delegates with their insight into the power of self-healing through listening to and gradually exploring our mind and body.

The money raised from this event is donated to the Vicente Ferrer Foundation's nutrition support programme in the districts of Kurnool and Anantapur in India. The aim is to provide nutritional support that will contribute to improving the health of the neediest segments of the population in these regions.

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