Visiting Mallorca and Menorca during Christmas means discovering the other side of the two main islands of the Balearic archipelago. While the two stand out during the summer for being a spectacular sunny destination, in winter they are even more charming. Christmas spirit invades its streets filling them with lights, flea markets and all kinds of activities to enjoy such special days.

Christmas in the Balearic Islands is different, which is why it is one of the recommended destinations for these dates . The weather is temperate in compare with other places of the Peninsula , the landscape is wonderful and the seasonal cuisine, in this time of the year, is tastier than ever.

If you are considering making a trip to any of the two islands, check out what Mallorca and Menorca have to offer at Christmas.


The old town of Palma becomes the center of celebrations during these festivities. Not only is it the ideal area for Christmas shopping, it is also wonderful to walk through its perfectly decorated streets. Christmas in Mallorca will surprise you.

You can’t miss:

Christmas Market of Puerto Portals

Dozens of stalls to buy gifts or souvenirs and, of course, enjoy the local gastronomy. Enjoy a cozy Christmas atmosphere, decorated with lights, trees and carols sounding in the background.

Christmas Market of Puerto Portals

Fira de Nadal i del Reis in Palma

In the Major Beach of Palma the traditional vendors of Christmas figures, craftsmen and confectioners are installed. This is, without a doubt, one of the most traditional markets on the island that you shouldn’t skip.

Fira de Nadal i del Reis in Palma

Christmas Bazaar of the Swedish Church

A curious bazaar where you can find Swedish decoration ornaments, figures of Santa Claus, garlands, Christmas postcards … You can also taste typical products such as gingerbread, cocas and pastries and even “The temptation of Jansson”, a traditional recipe of the Swedish cuisine consisting of a gratin based on potatoes, onions and anchovies. Of course you’ll also find Glögg, a tasty hot wine seasoned with cinnamon.

Christmas Bazaar of the Swedish Church



Christmas in Menorca is calm and familiar, like the island itself during the cold months. It’s the ideal place to unwind and relax during the holidays.

We recommend:

Lighting of the lights with the Ilumets

Ilumets are little elves whose mission is to turn on the Christmas lights throughout the island. These fantastic beings come, according to legend, from the islet of Colon near the port of Mahon. As tradition dictates, every year, the first Sunday of December big and small gather to see these characters appear and enjoy the Christmas illumination.

Fira de Nadal on Ses Moreres street in Mahón

One of the most classic flea markets in the capital of the island. In it you can find all kinds of gifts, ornaments and sweets typical of these holidays.

Fira de Nadal on Ses Moreres street in Mahon

Christmas market of the Ciutadella

The traditional market is installed every year in the Plaza de la Catedral and expands through the surrounding streets. Around 20 stands with all kinds of objects and gifts to leave under the tree.

Discover Christmas in the Balearic Islands and enjoy the holidays with a different getaway.

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