Once again, February 14 is coming and you´re wondering: what to do on Valentine’s Day alone? Not having a partner this day of the year is not a problem, in fact you should use it to organize your own getaway and dedicate time to yourself and have fun. If this sounds good, we recommend you to organize a trip to Mallorca.

Traveling alone is something very common nowadays, and many people recommend it to meet and discover yourself. In this way, in addition, you will be more open to talking with other people and who knows how many new friends you´ll make.

There are hundreds of perfect destinations for lonely travelers; however, for a getaway on February 14th, we recommend that you head to Mallorca. On the island you will find the perfect dose of relaxation and entertainment to spend a perfect Valentine being single.

Below, you will find a list of activities to celebrate a Valentine’s Day without a partner in Mallorca:

Go to the spa

On the island you will find many spa hotels where you can make a circuit and even get some massages. It will help you relax, disconnect, feel good with yourself and increase your self-esteem.

what to do on Valentine's Day alone, Ferrer Janeiro Hotel & Spa

Sign up for group guided tours

It’s the best way to tour the island and, at the same time, meet people. Most likely you´ll meet more travelers traveling alone just like you. Don´t hesitate to start a conversation!

what to do on Valentine's Day alone, group guided tours

Go to the markets of the island

On Sunday mornings there are market organized in many towns on the island. Choose one and go around there. The atmosphere is relaxed, cheerful and it is common to get into conversations with the merchants. In addition, you´ll fall in love with Mallorcan crafts.

what to do on Valentine's Day alone, markets of the balearics islands

Go out for a drink at La Lonja de Palma

This area of ??the city is famous for its nightlife. Even if it’s alone, go for a drink and take a walk around the bars of La Lonja. Many of them have live music and the atmosphere is really fun.

what to do on Valentine's Day alone, La Lonja de Palma

Stroll along the beach

Take advantage of the tranquility of winter to take great walks on the beach and connect with yourself. The coves of Mallorca are a true paradise even if the day is cold and a bit cloudy.

what to do on Valentine's Day alone, coves of Mallorca

Practice some adventure sports

Mallorca is like an amusement park for adults because on the island you can practice many adventure sports: canyoning, caving, climbing … Try one of them by hiring the activity with a company in the area. You will be filled with energy and you will have a great time discovering another side of the island.

what to do on Valentine's Day alone, canyoning

Have breakfast in the hotel

Not only to give you a treat every morning, but to meet new people who like you travel alone. Check the other tables and look for people who are alone to start a conversation.

what to do on Valentine's Day alone, breakfast in the hotel

Now that you know what to do on Valentine’s Day alone, what are you waiting for to book your flight to the island?

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