Between January and February, Mallorca is covered in white with the flowering of the almonds. The landscape is dyed in light tones that tend to pink and the air gives off a sweet aroma. This fleeting picture has attracted many artists to the island who wanted to capture this beautiful image. If you also want to see it live, do not miss the route of Mallorca´s almond trees.

The almond tree, brought from Asia by the Romans, is the first to bloom when temperatures begin to be milder. It is the announcement that spring is getting closer. And on this island, where the climate is more temperate, they tend to flourish between the months of January and February. It is difficult to predict when they will reach their peak, but with a little luck we will see the fields covered in white. Many call him, in fact, “the Mallorcan snow”.

In Mallorca we can find almond trees spread all over the interior of the island; you just have to take the car, drive along secondary roads and find an almond grove. To know exactly where to go, we share with you the route of Mallorca´s almond trees.

District of Raiguer

In this area of the center of the island you will find some of the almond blossoms of Mallorca. Go from Marratxí, passing Santa María del Camí to Bunyola to find the large fields of trees covered in white. In the surroundings of Sencelles, Felanitx, Inca or Lloseta you will also be able to see this show.

route of Mallorca´s almond trees, District of Raiguer

Sóller and Bunyola

These two towns are among the first producers of almonds in the whole island; therefore, there you will find good fields of almond trees in bloom.

route of Mallorca´s almond trees, Sóller

Llucmajor and south of Mallorca

Head to Manacor, Sant Llorenç and Son Servera to enjoy the almond blossom in the south of Mallorca. It is a nice route to make by car and to make some stops along the way to discover a different part of the island.

route of Mallorca´s almond trees, Manacor

Train journey

If you do not feel like driving, choose a train trip that will take you through the fields of Mallorca. We recommend the trip from Palma to Sóller to enjoy the fields of almond, as well as orange and lemon trees.

route of Mallorca´s almond trees, Train journey

Panoramic views

If you prefer to enjoy the Mallorcan snow in bird’s-eye view, we recommend you climb the Puig de Randa near Llucmajor. From there, you will have panoramic views of the Pla de Mallorca,  which is covered with almond trees. Another option is to visit Vilafranca de Bonany and go up to the hermitage of Bonany, from where you can also see large fields of almond trees.

route of Mallorca´s almond trees, Puig de Randa

After flowering, the harvest of the fruit takes place during summer. In this period, it isn’t uncommon to see the farmers shake the trees with wooden sticks in order to make the fruit fall from the branches.

Almonds are used to cook several delicious dishes, ice cream, milk, nougat, oil … and also a famous perfume known as “Flor d’Ametler”.

If you want to know more about this process and contemplate one of the most beautiful shows of nature, make sure to visit the island in order to witness almond trees in bloom in Mallorca.

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