There are places that remain in the memory of a traveler and suddenly unleash the need to return and visit them again. We all have those special corners that dazzled us because of their beauty, their environment or the kindness of their people. After visiting the Balearic Islands, you won’t be able to avoid adding some of the most beautiful towns in Menorca to that list.

The island, declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco in 1993, not only stands out for its paradisiacal coves, but also by the small towns that are inland Menorca and the fishing villages on the coast. Each of them launches its own magic and charm.

No matter if it’s during summer or winter season, it’s essential to spend a day of your stay on the island to go from one town to another. Get lost, walk, discover, observe and chat with other people feeling that you never want to leave this beautiful island.

Just like we “took a walk” through the most beautiful villages of Mallorca, we don´t want to miss the opportunity to guide you on your route through the dream towns of Menorca. Pay attention!

Binibeca Vell

In this beautiful corner of Menorca the white houses form a small labyrinth of narrow, cobbled corridors. Dedicate yourself to stroll through the streets of Binibeca Vell, also formally known as Binibequer Vell, and discover an authentic fishing village. Enjoy its tranquility and the sound of the sea in the background.

It is considered, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful villages in Menorca. When you´re there, you´ll understand why.

most beautiful towns in Menorc, Binibeca Vell


Another beautiful fishing village in the north of Menorca. Fornells keeps the tradition of fishing alive and is the best place on the island to try fish and seafood dishes. The lobster stew is the star dish of the area.

In this town, the most typical visit is the Tower of Fornells that was built by the English at the beginning of the 19th century. From there you will enjoy great views of the coast.

most beautiful towns in Menorca, Fornells


The main feature of this town is that it is very close to Monte Toro, the highest point of the whole island. The landscape makes this place a unique corner. Make sure not to miss the visit to the shrine of the Virgen del Toro, patron saint of Menorca, and a sacred place for its inhabitants.

One of Mercadal´s most important moments throughout the year is the traditional festivity of San Martín, where the racket is especially famous, with the horses dancing to the rhythm of the music.

most beautiful towns in Menorca, Mercadal

San Luís

This is a village with white facades and one of the few remnants of the French domination in Menorca. Mediterranean charm with sea views: simply spectacular! In addition, in San Luis it is worth visiting the Molí Dalt; an old wheat mill that has become a museum and a symbol of the town.

most beautiful towns in Menorca, San Luís


Alayor is the third largest city in Menorca, after Mahón and Ciutadella. Despite this, it still keeps the spirit of a quiet town with a wonderful architecture that perfectly exemplifies the island’s own style. It is ideal for strolling, going for tapas and mingling with people.

most beautiful towns in Menorca, Alayor

After visiting the dream towns of Menorca, you will seriously consider staying on this magical island forever. For its landscapes, for its culture, for its gastronomy … and for these five corners that will steal your heart. You will come back, for sure.


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