Sailing can give you a sense of freedom like very few other things in life. If you are not used to this particular feeling, don’t worry. Menorca is the perfect island to organize marvellous boat trips. Here you will find the best boat trips in Menorca.

However, before you start sailing, here are some basic recommendations you should always keep in mind before and whilst you are sailing.


  • Always check the weather forecast and the state of the sea before you set sail.
  • Before entering ports such as Mahon, Fornells or Ciutadella, always communicate before your arrival by radio or telephone.
  • Respect the safety buoy (even more during high season).
  • Make sure to always have enough supplies, water and fuel.
  • Sail with someone who is familiar with the area.
  • Always pay attention to the posidonia meadows when you anchor. This particular species is protected.
  • Always carry with you: mosquito repellent, jelly fish stings and other animal bite creams.
  • Make sure to always wear some solar protection.
  • On a boat it is more than common to get dizzy during the trip. If you decide to take anti-dizziness pills take them half an hour before you set sail.
  • Even if you know how to swim, life jackets are always mandatory. Check to have enough for the entire crew.

In Menorca there are plenty of boat routes you can organize. Today we offer you the best ones in Menorca, where you can sail around the island and discover magical places.

Menorca’s best boat trips

These are what we believe to be the best boat trips in Menorca. But don’t worry. This is not a race. You have the freedom to decide which one to explore. Just enjoy the beautiful scenarios.

Route Puerto Mahón-Cala En Porter

For this route we suggest you to leave from port of Mahón. The first stop is Cala San Esteve, a beautiful strategic and historical location, surrounded by amazing fortifications such as Fort Malborough and Tower d’en Penjat, both of British origins (XVIII). From this spot you can also admire Castell de Sant Felip.

Before moving towards Cala en Porter, take some time and visit Cales Coves, a beautiful set of coves and caves surrounded by spectacular cliffs.

Cala en Porter, boat trips in Menorca

Route Cala en Porter – Cala Macarella

Cala en Porter undoubtedly is the most magical cove on the island. Close to it you can find the illustrious club “Cova d’en Xoroi”, together with some of the most amazing terraces overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Next stop: Cala Mitjana and Cala Mitjaneta. These two coves form a breathtaking natural bay, surrounded by crystal clear water and characteristics pine forests. We continue our journey with destination Cala Macarella. If you have some spare time, then don’t miss Cala Galdana where you can find the largest beaches in Menorca.

Cala Galdana, boat trips in Menorca

Route Cala Macarella-Ciutadella

If you love boat trips, then a mandatory stop is Cala Macarella. Maybe it will sound familiar to you due to the fact that this place has been used as a location for several ads. A real paradise. Cala Turqueta, Cala des Talaier, Son Saura and Cala en Bosc are all locations in the southern coasts of Menorca that you can visit on your way to Cala Blanca. From there you can discover one of the most important municipalities of Menorca: Ciutadella.

Cala Macarella, boat trips in Menorca

Route Ciutadella-Algaiarens

Take advantage and stroll through the city and enjoy some local fresh cuisine in one of the many delicious restaurants you can find before you set course towards Algaiarens. Set sail towards the Menorcan west coast until you turn into Punta Nati. From there you can observe the Punta Nati lighthouse, common location for tourists to stop and watch the sunset. Cala Morell is your last stop before reaching Algaiarens.

Faro de Punta Nati, boat trips in Menorca

Route Algaiarens-Cavalleria

Algaiarens (or beaches of La Vall) are famous for its marvellous sea beds. Bathing in its waters is considered to be a luxury. But let’s continue with our trip. We pass through Cala Pilar, Calderer and Barril. As soon as you reach an area with turquoise water and soft sand you know you are in Cala Pregonda. The final destination is Cala Cavalleria, with sands of a particular reddish color.

Cala Pilar, boat trips in Menorca

Route Cavalleria-Cabo de Favàtrix

We leave behind Cavalleria and we set sail towards Cabo de Favàtrix. First stop we suggest Cala Tirant. From there we head towards Arenal d’en Castell. This shell shaped beach measures more than half a kilometer in length with perfect shallow and calm waters. Very common tourist location in Menorca. We continue our journey to Addaia. You will access its port through a space known as Illes d’Addaia and witness an amazing view of Na Macaret. It is impossible to get tired of this area. This route ends at Cabo de Favàtrix, a charming place where you can take marvellous photographs.

Cala Tirant, boat trips in Menorca

Route Cabo de Favàtrix-Puerto Mahón

As soon as you leave Cabo de Favàtrix, head south towards Mahón by leaving Cala Presili and Cala Tortuga at your right. This area is located in the S’Albufera des Grau National Park, which encompasses Cape Favàtrix, Colom Island and Albufera itself. This area is rich in a variety of different ecosystems; humid areas are mixed with farmlands, mountains, beaches, cliffs and dunes. Check out the beautiful coastal towns of Sa Mesquida and Es Murtar before reaching your final destination.

Cala presili, boat trips in Menorca

With just one of these routes you will have the chance to discover the feeling of freedom a boat can give you. Enjoy these routes in Menorca. Feel, discover and love this island the same way as we do.


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