If you decide to take a trip and explore Menorca, then make sure to stop and visit Ciudadela. Once the capital of the island, this city is home to many ancient monuments. Even though it does not have more than 30,000 inhabitants we can assure you there is a lot to see. Here is a small guide of what you can do in Ciudadela in one day.


We start the trip by assuming that you arrived early in the island and you are willing to stroll around the city. A good starting point is the port. The perfect area if you are looking for a quiet morning walk. After breakfast make sure to walk along the promenade until you reach the Castillo de San Nicolau. It is a defence tower very similar to many other towers built along the Mediterranean area during the seventeenth century. You can also visit this location later in the day and enjoy a marvellous sunset. Your choice!

Castillo de San Nicolau, Ciudadela in one day

Make sure to walk around Paseo de San Nicolau, leaving behind Plaza del Born and the Cathedral (don’t worry, we will get back to those): destination the Convento y Claustro de San Agustín of the seventeeth century. Inside the convent you can visit the Diocesan Museum, with four different rooms where you can admire relics from the Talaiotic era, liturgical pieces and religious goldsmiths from the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries, as well as paintings from the thirteenth century.

It’s time to eat, right? Make sure to visit the Mercat des Peix. This market square was built in the XIX century with the objective of creating space for vegetable stands. Later on, its central zone was built for market stalls and the front zone for meat stalls. It is the perfect place if you are willing to taste typical Menorcan specialities.


After a tasty lunch it’s time to continue our trip. It’s time to head towards the Cathedral. The Cathedral of Santa Maria was built on an old mosque between the 8th and the 14th century. It is considered to be the most important building in Ciudadela. It is located next to the most known street of the island, Ses Voltes. It is easily recognizable by its arches and the high presence of shops in its surroundings. At the end of the street you can find Plaza de las Palmeras (although its real name is Plaza Alfonso III). The perfect place to sit and enjoy a tasty cup of coffee.


After this small brake make sure to take Avenida de Jaume el Conqueridor and turn towards Calle de la Purísima. Final destination; Plaza del Born. It is the main square of the city. Easily recognizable by the obelisk in the centre of the square, built in commemoration of the Turkish assault of 1558. You can also find another of its main buildings here: the town hall.

The town hall is located above an old royal palace which was previously a Muslim palace. The last building that will surely grasp your attention is the Torresaura Palace, with clear Levantine Gothic style.

Ciudadela in one day


It’s night time. This means also dinner time. In Ciudadela you can find the best restaurants in Menorca to go with your partner. The Mon and the S’Amarador are perfect examples. Mon is virtuosity and genius. S’Amarador, located in the Port of Ciudadela, has become a reference in the island. After dinner, you decide. We can only say that during summer time parties go on until dawn.

S´Amarador, Ciudadela in one day

Probably after this visit you will end up exhausted. But this is just the beginning. Just think that we haven’t even talked about the beaches yet. The best part. Enjoy Ciudadela in one day.

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