The lighthouses of Menorca are one of the most representative icons of the island. As faithful companions and guardians of the sea, they produce a spell on everyone who contemplates them. They have been a source of inspiration for artists, musicians and poets. And they have shone for many years so that every crossing would have a happy ending. Are you ready to join us on this incredible journey through the 7 lighthouses of Menorca?

Favàritx Lighthouse

Approaching Faváritx and its deserted, lunar surrounding is like being transported to another planet. Projected on black slate rocks, the most famous of the island’s lighthouses was built in 1917, but the lack of funds and problems with the former owner of the lands around it have slowed down its re-building and it was not finished until 1922. The black helical strip which runs through the 28-meter-high tower is what is most characteristic of this lighthouse.

The road that leads to Cape Favàritx also allows you to discover the ‘Cos des Síndic ‘, a water raft of great ecological importance, supplied by rainfalls and storms. It is one of the Minorcans’ and tourists’ favourite spots to see beautiful sunsets! But beware, because it is also one of the points where the Tramontana wind blows the strongest.

Favàritx Lighthouse, lighthouses of Menorca

Lighthouse of Mahón – Sant Carles

This lighthouse opened in 1852 and it was built inside military installations, where the remains of the castle of Sant Felipe are located. This is why, access to this lighthouse is restricted. After decades of conflict between high-rank officers and the bull fighters, this lighthouse was turned off in 1912 because the lighthouse keepers were frightened since the projectiles from firing practices came extremely close to their households.

During the firing practices, the old lighthouse was replaced by a mobile lantern attached to a folding davit. Finally, in 1961 the 10-meter-high lighthouse with the white and black stripes was built. Despite the multiple changes that this lighthouse has suffered, the Lighthouse of Sant Carles can be considered the oldest in Menorca. The views to “Fuerte Marlborough” or the Fortress of Isabel II are a must-see if you are close by this lighthouse.

Isla del Aire Lighthouse

Until the construction of the Moscarter lighthouse in 1977 in Ibiza, El Aire was the highest lighthouse of the Balearic Islands, with its spiral staircase of 165 steps. Its impactful figure rises on a small uninhabited island in the southeast of Menorca. This small island has a very rich biodiversity, especially in the field of ornithology, and is the natural habitat of the black lizard, a reptile that has become one of the main characteristics of this island. The lighthouse can be seen from the nearby beach of Punta Prima and you if you wish to access it, the best option is a boat-taxi.

Isla del Aire Lighthouse, lighthouses of Menorca

Lighthouse of Cavalleria

The northernmost of the lighthouses of Menorca was inaugurated in 1857 to reduce more than 700 ship accidents that had happened on its shores since the fourteenth century. The white tower is located more than 90 meters above sea level, that’s why this lighthouse is surrounded by spectacular cliffs and is an excellent spot to enjoy the best panoramas of the entire north coast.

It is the only one that has an interpretation centre. Without doubt, the best part are its incredible sunsets, which have become very fashionable lately. However, the big crowds that visit this lighthouse in the summer months could maybe take away some of the magic of this place.

 Lighthouse of Cavalleria, lighthouses of Menorca

Lighthouse of Sa Farola

Also known as the Ciudadela Lighthouse, it is only a short 30-minute walk between pine trees away from the city harbour. If you reach Menorca by ship, its light will welcome you.

It was inaugurated in 1863 and built so close to the port that its facilities were flooded by the pounding waves of the sea, that’s why it was necessary to build a retaining wall a decade later. The lighthouse was built on a small rock from where you get the best views of the Castle of Sant Nicolau, as well as the neighbouring island of Mallorca.

Lighthouse of Sa Farola, lighthouses of Menorca

Lighthouse of Artrutx

We continue our journey through the western lighthouses of the island and arrive at the Lighthouse of Artrutx, having the oldest lantern of them all and located at 7 kilometers from Ciudadela. Eight years after its construction in 1859, four buttresses were added to the white and black striped tower, being the only one of the Balearics with this particular physiognomy.

With the Capdepera lighthouse, in Mallorca, these two lighthouses mark the ends that separate the two islands. It is definitely one of the most idyllic places, not only to enjoy wonderful sunsets, but also to spend special moments in its restaurant.

Lighthouse of Artrutx, lighthouses of Menorca

Punta Nati Lighthouse

A century after its inauguration on the north coast, the Punta Natí Lighthouse continues having the same luminous appearance as in its origins back in 1913, showing 3 + 1 white flashes every 20 seconds. It was built due to pressures from the French Government to avoid shipwrecks and accidents.

The terrain that surrounds the lighthouse is totally cinematographic and is full of dangerous cliffs, in the horizon one can contemplate the island of Mallorca while enjoying a spectacular sunset. The road to the lighthouse runs through an arid and rugged landscape (typical of this area of the island known as the ‘dry Menorca’), where you can spot some very rare century-old constructions which serve as shelter to the animals in winter.

Punta Nati Lighthouse, lighthouses of Menorca

Challenging waves, wind and storms, the secular foundations of all these lighthouses firmly grasp onto the rock.

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