Nordic Walking in Mallorca has been in fashion for some years now, in fact it is one of the most practiced sports activities on the island. It is a technique which consists of walking with sticks and which makes you exercise up to 600 muscles! Nordic Walking is, also the perfect alternative to the practice of hiking that we talked about here. In the following, we are going to tell you what exactly Nordic Walking is as well as how and where to do it.

What is Nordic Walking?

Nordic Walking is a resistance sport – more health oriented than performance sport – which consists of walking with sticks designed from a single piece of fiberglass and carbon. A similar technique to the one of cross-country skiing  is used, to continue practicing a similar exercise in the absence of snow. The technique was profiled back in the 30s by the Finnish Mauro Repi, who is considered the father of Nordic Walking.

Nordic Walking in Mallorca

This technique was further perfected at the end of the 90s by another Finn, Marko Kantaneva, also responsible for the design of the sticks used nowadays. In the last two decades, two new variants of this sport known as ‘ Methodology of the ten steps ‘ and ‘ ALFA-247 ‘ have appeared. There is even a competitive form of ultra-resistance in which walking distance endurance tests superior to a marathon are carried out.

By moving 90% of the muscles in your body, Nordic Walking is much more effective than walking without sticks, since it produces a higher energy expenditure and increases the supply of oxygen to the entire body. And, of course, it generates the same benefits as the traditional walk: it is cardio-healthy, it prevents hypertension and adult diabetes, it lowers the level of bad cholesterol and increases the levels of good one. With Nordic Walking you train your resistance, mobility and coordination but not speed. Furthermore,  the use of the sticks reduces overload in the lower joints.

 A pair of sticks, footwear which is suitable for walking long distances and the desire to feel good, are the only essentials needed to practice Nordic Walking. It is known that Nordic Walking reduces stress, relieves back contractures and strengthens the immune system. In any case, it is recommended to practice this sport as a group and to acquire the necessary techniques in a workshop taught by a qualified instructor, to avoid injuries.

Nordic Walking in Mallorca

Nordic Walking has been a sensation on the island for some time now, but nowhere does it generate so much enthusiasm as in Ca’n Picafort. The estate of Son Real, which is located in a privileged environment, is a meeting point for all lovers of this sport and the international conference of Nordic Walking in Mallorca has been held there in the past.

Nordic Walking in Mallorca

There are several amateur associations in Mallorca, such as Nordic Walking Palma or Nordic Walking Mallorca, which organize initiation and improvement courses, group walking activities and even specific Nordic Walking groups for pregnant women, both pre-delivery and post-partum. Some of these associations are registered in the Balearic Mountain and Climbing Federation.

The Sports Institute of Palma de Mallorca and the Ministry of Health organize numerous free marches throughout the city and its surroundings throughout the year. Since 2016, each year a Nordic Walking for Equality March with four different distances (3, 5, 7 and 11 km) has been held in early spring.

There are many appropriate routes for practicing Nordic Walking in Mallorca. Among the simplest ones -perfect for the initiation- is a beautiful coastal route that goes from Portocolom to the Punta de Ses Crestes and is about 4 km long. Also easy, but longer (11.5 kilometers), is the route that joins the campsite of Son Bou with the quarry of Santa Ponsa, especially well valued by enthusiasts of the sport. For experts, we recommend the routes which go along the incredible Sierra de Tramuntana. To find out more, you can also check the internet, where you will find several different routes proposed by walkers themselves.

Nordic Walking in Mallorca

If you are even more adventurous, what do you think about practicing Nordic Walking with your partner? Finally, after so much walking, let’s rest for a bit. We hope that with these tips and the spectacular landscapes of the island, your Nordic Walking experience in Mallorca will be as pleasant and healthy as possible.

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