There are sweet and salty ones. In tub, cone and served in a glass. With and without sugar. Big and small ones. Simple and fancy ones. There are even some worthy of Michelin stars. Be as they are, we would like you to join us for this great, refreshing and fun tasting ice cream in Mallorca.

Gelateria Rosario

If you want to try the best ice cream in Palma, Gelateria Rosario is the place to go to. This shop has the most unique artisanal ice creams and sorbets that you will find on the island. The beginning of this wonder dates back to 1979. The first manufacture was located in a small town called Andratx, which is also a must-stop while you’re in Mallorca. They have been providing pure happiness to those who try their delicious products.


A remarkably well-located shop, just 5 five minutes away from the Cathedral of Palma and Paseo del Borne, will make you enjoy the city while refreshing your palate with numerous flavours that the establishment provides. The hardest decision you’ll face: which of them should I choose today? Amongst the scrumptious options you can find flavours such as Pistachio (P.D.O. Sicily), Almonds (P.D.O. Mallorca), Hazelnut (P.D.O. Piamonte), Strawberry, Stracciatella (P.D.O. Madagascar), Brownie and many others. Apart from outstanding ice cream and sorbets in Gelateria Rosario, you can also try mouth-watering homemade biscuits here and have something to drink (water, juice, coffee, and so on). If you visit Palma, you cannot miss this ice cream shop!

(Plaça del Rosario, 4 - Palma)


We start the route in the capital of the island. This chain of ice cream shops (with several stores in the most central areas of Palma) achieved the fourth position in the final of the Gelato World Tour held in Rimini in 2014 as ‘Best Ice Cream in the World’. It was the ‘sorbet of oranges from Sóller, mint and cardamom’ that dazzled the jury because of its flavour and originality. The key to the success of Iceberg is that they care about choosing the raw materials of all ice creams, with which they make such appetizing variations as coffee crunch, banutella, Japanese tea or mojito sorbet.

(Palau Reial, 3. Palma)


The Italian tradition is savoured in each of the flavours of this ice-cream shop. They call themselves the ‘Italian gelato laboratory’, since what they want is to offer their clients an authentic sensory experience. Ice creams that contain more than 55% of fruit – creamy, fresh and intense – there are more than 100 flavours to satisfy any desire. Isn’t your mouth watering when you think of a brown ice cream glacé, one of saffron with sesame or one with crunchy caramel? All of them are essentials in a list of the best ice-creams in Mallorca.

(Plaça de la Llotja, 1. Palma)

ice cream tasting in Mallorca

Gelats Paco

The year 1950 saw the birth of this mythical ice-cream shop. Its cones have delighted many generations of Mallorcans (it once was the mandatory stop before going to see a movie at the Metropolitan Multicines), and its scoops come in original flavours such as custard with ensaimada, Sacher cake or fresh cheese with orange.

(Benet Pons i Fàbregues, 1 and Blanquerna, 10. Palma)

Ca’n Joan de s’Aigo 

The center of Mallorca is a paradise for ice-cream lovers. This temple of the Mallorcan restoration opened its doors in the 17th Century (if you don’t believe it, there are some tiles on its walls that confirm this). The most classic taste to try at Ca’n Joan de s’Aigo is hazelnut. But beware, do not even think of ordering just that, instead combine it with a “quarto” (a soft and fluffy almond brioche) to round off your visit.

(Can Sanç, 10. Palma)

ice cream tasting in Mallorca

Gelatería Ca’n Miquel 

The Solivellas family is about to turn 40 years of offering some of the best ice creams in Mallorca. Although different varieties of chocolate (such as Jamaican chocolate) delight locals and tourists, the most intrepid palates will also be able to savour other riskier formulas such as trampó ice cream, Mahón cheese, peppermint and rosemary, or the roses of Alexandria. In total they have more than 90 flavours, so we are sure you will find your perfect match here.

(Montcades, 9. Palma)

We leave the capital to continue savouring some of the best ice cream in Mallorca. The walk continues through some of the most beautiful villages on the island. So let’s continue with the tasting, right? ????


These two mythical premises of Alcúdia have its roots in the tradition of Alicante ice-cream. With more than 40 years of ice-cream wisdom, they stand out for their wide range of ice-cream coups with a sophisticated nomenclature. Or doesn’t a plate of ice cream spaghetti with vanilla and whipped cream sound exotic to you? We are sure that you will also be surprised by the ‘Copa Caribe’ or the ‘Copa Puesta de Sol’.

(Paseo Marítimo, 20 and Carrer del Moll, 27. Alcúdia)

ice cream tasting in Mallorca

Gelats Valls 

Its products are seasonal and 90 years of experience endorse this classic Pollença reference. This centennial ice-cream shop stands out for the raw materials used, -fresh and native-, that’s why its productions are limited and are led by orange ice-cream (from their own farm), apricot, fig or lemon. It is located on the harbour walk, which is an unbeatable place to enjoy these delicacies.

(Passeig Anglada Camarassa, 11. Pollença)

San Remo Ice-Cream Shop 

A question for the most restless and avant-garde palates: would you dare trying an ice-cream with ensaimada flavour or pink grapefruit flavour? Well, if the answer is affirmative you can choose one of these flavours while enjoying wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea. But do not worry, the ice-cream shop also has more conventional flavours on their menu, such as chocolate with mint or tiramisu. Of course, they are all artisan.

(Engineer Antonio Garau, 32. Ca’n Picafort)

ice cream tasting in Mallorca

Sa Fàbrica de Gelats 

In the north of the island you can also try delicious ice-cream. In Sa Fàbrica they have been specialists in transforming the best raw materials into the most appetizing ice-creams since 1994, and we can affirm that they are made very old-style. An
essential flavour in your order should be orange, but hazelnut, fig or mandarin will also make you salivate.

(Plaça des Mercats, s / n. Sóller)

And if at the end of the day you prefer not to leave the house and you are more seduced by your sofa, a movie and ice cream night, the Jop Gelats cannot be missing in your fridge. This name is linked to the town of Campos and the Pomar family. This factory does not have commercial premises, but they offer their products in the shops of the area, with special roots in the south of the island. A great way to taste the best ice cream in Mallorca: in the living room of your home (or your hotel) with the best of all ice-creams. Unbeatable!

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