The natural beauty of an island such as Menorca (the lights, the sea, the colours …) has inspired a large number of artists who wanted to capture in their artworks these landscapes and unparalleled sensations. And the many charms of Menorca have in turn attracted numerous artists who have decided to establish their home and their workshop on the island.

In the last few years, art galleries and other exhibition spaces – large or small – have multiplied themselves on the Balearic Island.  Galleries which bet especially on the talent of local artists.  Galleries which we find mostly, though not only, in Mahón and Ciutadela. We propose another one of those plans for travelers who do not know how to swim: a walk through the main art galleries of Menorca.

Artara Gallery 

25 years of essentially local art contemplate the Artara Gallery, one of the pioneers among art galleries in Menorca. It was launched by a family that practiced framing. From the very beginnings, they decided to focus on Menorcan artists or those who were related in some way to the island: Alejandra Caballero, Joan Taltavull, Miquel Bosch, Marianela Gallardo … It is located in a lordly house in the old town of Mahón  and it has three exhibition spaces.

Artara Gallery

Gallery Broeschen 

This small and cozy gallery in the middle of Mahón’s old town is also the workshop of the German abstract painter Anke Carola Broeschen, who has been based in Menorca for almost 10 years now. Besides offering courses and workshops, she also collects works of plastic artists such as Alfredo Quintana Garay (collage), Antonio Vico (ceramics), Marc Rosanas (sculpture) and painters like Andreas Szalla and Sylvie Pras.

Gallery Broeschen

Gallery Encant 

Directed by Elvira González, this gallery in Mahón was opened over 10 years ago and brings together a group of international artists that blur the boundaries between figuration and abstraction: Piers Jackson, Takeshi Motomiya, Rita Moreno, Nuria Teruel, Peter Peretti, Olga Simón or José Ángel Sintes.

Gallery Retxa 

Another veteran name in the scene of the art galleries in Menorca, it has been existing for over 30  years. Located on 9 de julio Street, 37 in Ciudadela, it bets on Spanish or local talent. It features more than 100 artists from traditional landscape painting to abstract painting, photography or more graphic works. Retxa is also dedicated to the manufacturing of handmade, customized frames.

Gallery Vidrart

Two hundred square meters of art in Ciudadela to accommodate innovative proposals and emerging artists. The gallery Vidrart keeps a very active exhibition program (in addition to performances, readings, installations and even concerts) and has a permanent collection of authors, both Menorcan and from outside the island: Xavier Salvador, Theresia Malaise, Ramón de la Rica, Sylvia Ji, María Torrontegui, Alfred Hutchison…

Gallery Vidrart

Biniarroca Art Gallery 

Biniarroca is the exhibition space of abstract landscape artist Lindsay Mullen, an English woman settled for many years in Menorca. Its peculiarity is found in the town of Sant Lluís, outside the usual circuit of galleries on the island.

Biniacorra Art Gallery

Sa Sinia 

A very peculiar place to enjoy art outside the usual gallery districts in Menorca (you know: Mahón and Ciudadela) is the Asociación de Artistas Sa Sinia Art Hub. This space located in the village of Villacarlos, east of the island, offers an interesting fusion or multimedia event: plastic art, live music, cabaret, poetry, humour, workshops and courses, live painting … A 100% artsy experience in an unexpected place: a typical menorcan house built on a cave in the fishing village of Es Castell.

Sa Sinia

Other art galleries in Menorca which are worth a visit are Pedrín (personal art gallery of the Malagan artist Pedro Rodríguez in Ciudadela, located in Carrer Seminari, 30); Menorca Art Gallery (Carrer d’Antólia, 19, Mahón); the gallery of the local artist Miquel Bosch (Passeig de Sant Nicolau, 26, Ciudadela); or Kroma Gallery from Mahón (at Calle Anuncivay, 7), with its over 30 years of history.

What is clear: Menorca is much more than just tourism, sun, sea and gastronomy. It’s worth betting on the culture of an island with many years of history and to be captivated by the beauty of the art galleries in Menorca.

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