Brunch: mixture of breakfast and lunch; or, if you prefer, the classic late Sunday breakfast (usually post-hangover). A custom of long-standing “foodies” outside our country that is slowly imposing itself here. Mallorca, with its high percentage of visitors and residents of the United Kingdom and Germany (countries that conscientiously cultivate good brunch), could not be impervious to this custom. That’s why we propose (without choking) a delicious tour through the best brunch spots in Mallorca.


the best brunch spots in Mallorca, Noah's

Many point to Noah’s brunch as the best on the island. For now, the sea views from its terrace are spectacular. In addition, it offers different varieties of complete breakfast that include a main course and a spectacular basket of pastries and breads of all kinds. There are also American breakfast options and others based on fashionable cereals: chia and quinoa. Between 10 and 15 euros per person.

(Avenida de América, 1. Cala Ratjada)


the best brunch spots in Mallorca, Santosha

The best brunch in Palma? Santosha stands out for its choice of Mediterranean, seasonal and ecological products (that is, the so-called kilometer 0 foods) It is especially suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and for about 20 euros, one will be absolutely full. What stands out on their menu are their avocado toasts and a spectacular orange-almond cake.

(Metge Matas, 2. Palma)

Mise En Place

the best brunch spots in Mallorca, Mise en Place

In the Plaza Mayor you will find a vintage-style place that offers a full brunch every day between 10 am and 1 pm. Take a look at what they offer: coffee or tea, natural juice, toast, pastries to choose (including ensaimadas, cinnamon roll, croissants…), greek yogurt with berries and muesli, fruit and scrambled eggs with bacon. Without a doubt another one of the best brunches in Mallorca for around 15 euros.

(Plaza Mayor, 10. Palma)

Ca’n Gallet

For less than 10 euros you can immerse yourself in the experience of a 100% Mallorcan brunch in this restaurant located in the Sierra de Tramuntana. Attention: pa amb oli, fried eggs, butifarrón, bacon, Mallorcan pork and even Menorcan cheese. Available from Monday to Sunday between 9 and 11: 00h. Does anyone give more?

(Carrer Urbanització Es Guix. Lluc)

Capuccino Grand Café

This chain has the good taste of locating its premises in incredible places, both inland and on the coast. Capuccino Grand Café offers a complete brunch in extended hours (from opening until 2 pm) for less than 25 euros: sausages, eggs, fruit salad, toast, cakes, drinks…Diners highlight the Banoffee cake or Café Diavolo.

(10 locations throughout the island)

12 Apostel

Also look at this buffet brunch that works every Sunday between 11 and 4 pm. For about 20 euros, free bar of pastries, toast, sausage, cereals, crepes, fruit…Get energy for the rest of the day!

(Calle Llaut s / n Palma)

La Molienda

the best brunch spots in Mallorca, La Molienda

We already mentioned La Molienda in our review of the best cafés in Mallorca, especially for its care when it comes to making coffee. But it turns out that this coquettish venue in the center of Palma is also known and loved for its breakfasts with organic, local and seasonal products. It takes great care of the raw material and surely the most demanded specialty is the avocado sandwich with egg. It also has a nice terrace with many shady spots.

(Carrer del Bisbe Campins, 11. Palma)

Biggi’s Café Cake shop

Impressive German pastry that also offers an important assortment of breakfasts (special Biggi’s, German, fitness…), and also, every Sunday, for about 10 euros, it provides a powerful buffet that includes German muffins, croissants, all kinds o eggs (stuffed, scrambled, fried…) and -to lighten it up- fruit salads.

(Camí de Son Moro Vell, 2. Cala Millor)

Rolling Handmade Ice Cream

the best brunch spots in Mallorca, Rolling Handmade Ice Cream

We end with a brunch which is perfect if you have a sweet tooth: just pancakes or pancakes with all kinds of toppings: fresh fruit, chocolate, nuts, smoothies, frappés, fruit salads, crepes, waffles…but also sandwiches and salads. From Monday to Saturday between 9:30 and 1 pm.

(Carrer de Ciceró, 12, Can Pastilla, and Mercat 1930, Palma)

These are our suggestions to fully enjoy some of the best brunch in Mallorca. From here, the hunger and the desire to continue this research should come from the reader’s side. Enjoy your meal!

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